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The age give away.

A patient of mine came in last week, she had heard a plastic surgeon on the show “The Doctors” say that no matter how much botox, or how many facials a woman had he could always tell her age by her jowls.  When … More

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What Products To Use in the Summer?

I am often asked about my favorite sunscreens and products to use in the summer.  For sunscreens I like titanium and zinc based products best.  These tend to keep the oil level down and decrease that 2 o’clock shiny look we … More

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3-D Imaging For Face and Body Now Available

The new 3-D imaging software for body and face arrived last week.  This technology is astounding. An image is taken of the face or the body and then put in 3-D.  The 3-D picture can then be enhanced to help patients … More

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