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Lip Enhancements and Injections vs. Aging, Shrinking Lips

The Case of the Shrinking Lips Last week a patient asked me, “How come my lips keep getting smaller as I get older?” Many factors play a role in the change in the shape of the face including the lips. … More

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New Sunscreen Labeling in 2012

The FDA has recently announced it will require sunscreen manufacturers to change the labeling for sunscreens as of 2012.  There will be a few differences that people will notice.  First and most importantly, the SPF rating will signify the protection against … More

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Breast Cancer and Implants: Get the Facts

I recently saw a very informed patient who asked me about the new FDA announcement regarding an association between textured breast implants and development of Anaplastic Large Cell Lymphoma (ALCL), a specific type of cancer. This announcement about breast cancer … More

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iPhone app for skin cancer????

A recent article came up revealing that there is a new iPhone app that analyzes your moles to check for cancer.  It seems that you can take photos over time and the program will tell you if the pattern is … More

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