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Second Facelift: Patient Satisfaction Coupled with Good Results

Second Facelift Recipients Enjoy Excellent Results and are Very Satisfied The classic Facelift procedure is as popular as ever, with the number of patients opting for one in 2012 actually growing by 6% over 2011 figures. So it should come … More

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Gynecomastia: Breast Reduction Surgery for Teen Boys Increases Self-Esteem

Gynecomastia (Enlarged Male Breasts) Negatively Effects Teen Boys in a Number of Ways Everyone knows it’s already hard enough being a teenager. Being an adolescent boy with Gynecomastia however, can be devastating. According to a recent study conducted by the … More

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Plastic Cosmetic Surgery: 14.6 Million Procedures Performed in 2012

Plastic Cosmetic Surgery is Becoming More Popular Every Year In a recent post on the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS) website, they reported that 14.6 million Plastic Cosmetic Surgeries were performed in the United States, during 2012. That figure … More

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Breast Lifts Can Reverse the Sag From Age, Weight Loss, or Pregnancy

Breast Lifts: Regain Your Natural Shape in Two Hours or Less The breast lift has done a lot more than simply allow patients to return to their natural shape and the contours of a younger body. It has given women … More

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Mommy Makeover For a New You

A Mommy Makeover Can Restore Your Pre-Prego Bod If you have ever experienced the joy and pain of childbirth, Congratulations! And Thank You for being a Mommy, easily one of the toughest jobs ever. The toll it can take on … More

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Liposuction: A Sleeker, Slimmer, Smoother Silhouette

Liposuction: Getting Rid of Stubborn Fat Pockets Liposuction has become the perfect adjunct to a healthy lifestyle, especially here in the Reno/Tahoe area. Health-conscious individuals from all walks of life enjoy our scenic beauty, and the myriad outdoor activities our … More

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Mini-Facelift: Quick Route to a Youthful Face

Mini-Facelift: The In-Office Facelift for Quick Results The mini-facelift – sometimes called an in-office or weekend facelift – is fast becoming one of the most popular procedures offered by Janiga MDs. The mini-facelift targets fewer age-affected facial features than a … More

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Cosmetic Surgery Ideal for the Winter Holidays

Cosmetic Surgery During Winter Holidays Equals Extra Healing Time It’s starting to get cold outside, and we’re looking at another frantic Winter Holiday season in the Reno/Tahoe area this year. There will be parties, gatherings and get-togethers happening almost every … More

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Baby Boomers use Plastic Surgery to fight the effects of aging

Just because they have more experience behind their eyes, Baby Boomers don’t necessarily want it to show. Plastic Surgery is often thought of as the purview of the young to middle aged. A tool used to balance features, enhance beauty … More

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Is Social Media the New Marketplace for Plastic Surgery?

People are turning to social media sites like Facebook and Twitter when shopping for plastic surgery. In a study conducted by the American Academy of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery (AAFPRS), 42% of the people who underwent plastic surgery in … More

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