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Treatment Spotlight: All About the Brazilian Butt Lift

There is a lot of interest in the media and by a lot of my patients, wanting that youthful, round and lifted backside that has been made famous by the likes of Kim Kardashian and Sofia Vergara from Modern Family.  This can be accomplished with the Brazilian Butt Lift.

The Brazilian Butt Lift is a surgical procedure, but not what most people think.  Rather than cutting and lifting which is what most people think it is, the Brazilian Butt Lift is actually fat grafting.  The procedure is performed by doing liposuction on one area of the body that the patient would like to be smaller such as the abdomen, flanks, inner or outer thighs, and then taking that fat and injecting it into the buttocks to give it a more round and youthful appearance.

Some of my patients will ask me if instead of the fact grafting they can have an implant placed into the buttocks. Although this has been popular in previous decades, it is not a commonly performed procedure at this time.  With the advent of fat grafting we can give patients a more natural look.

Brazilian Butt Lift

The Brazilian Butt lift should be performed in a surgery enter or hospital, and is not usually performed in an office setting.  You will usually be put to sleep with an anesthesiologist in a sterile atmosphere at the surgical center.

The liposuction itself will cause some swelling and bruising from the areas that the fat is removed, and there will also be swelling and bruising into the area where the fat is placed in the buttocks.  Most people recover from this procedure quickly; usually within a week.

There is, as with any surgery a small risk of infection or bleeding, but overall this is a relatively safe procedure if performed in an appropriate surgery center by a board certified plastic surgeon.

If you are interested in the Brazilian Butt lift or discussing other cosmetic procedures such as liposuction or breast augmentation please contact me anytime for your complimentary consultation in our Reno Plastic Surgery office.

~ Dr. Timothy Janiga


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Treatment Spotlight: The Mini Facelift

Many of our patients are looking for an anti-aging procedure that can dramatically improve their appearance that is more cost-effective and has less downtime. After doing a consultation, I often direct them to the mini facelift or “weekend facelift” as it’s been dubbed.

Mini Facelift

Here is everything you need to know about the mini facelift procedure.

What is a Mini Facelift?

The mini facelift, is performed in the office under local anesthesia on the lower half of the face. The incision is made like a traditional facelift incision in front and behind the ear and stitches are usually in place for 7-10 days.

As the procedure and technique has progressed over time, we have been able to combine this procedure with in office fat grafting, neck lift, or in office upper lid blepharoplasty/eyelift.

Who is a good candidate?

This procedure is great for patients with laxity on the lower half of the face, jowls, laxity in the neck, or those patients that just want a refreshed look. It will reduce the sagging appearance of face and neck features, diminish deep creases on the face and neck, and create a more defined jaw and neckline.

How long does it take? How long is recovery time?

It takes approximately two hours to perform in the office. When the in office facelift is combined with one of the other procedures, it takes longer, approximately 2 1/2 to 3 hours.

Patients do very well with the local anesthesia that I perform and most are back to work within one week. There is some bruising associated with the procedure and mild to moderate discomfort.

What do the results look like?

See for yourself! Below are some before and afters from some of our Reno mini facelift patients at Janiga MDs. You can see all the mini facelift photos here.

Mini Facelift before and after Reno mini facelift Reno Facelift Photos Mini Facelift

If you are interested in getting a Reno mini facelift, call us anytime for a consultation in our Damonte Ranch plastic surgery office.

~ Dr. Timothy Janiga

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How to Know if You Need Revision Plastic Surgery

Recently there has been a lot of buzz regarding the new reality TV show called “Botched”.  We have had a lot of patients and friends talking about the show and whether or not we have seen the severe cases that they portray on this television show in our own practice.

We try to calm their concerns, but reminding them that, as we all know, television programs are for entertainment purposes and as a result are an exaggerated form of real life.

In our offices, we do see patients who come to us for help revising a cosmetic surgery they are unhappy with. While the cases are not as extreme as what you see on T.V., there are situations where revision plastic surgery has had great outcomes for patients.

If you’ve had a previous cosmetic surgery procedure done and are wondering if you may need revision plastic surgery, here are four questions to ask yourself.

1. Are you unhappy with the outcome of your procedure? If you are happy with your outcome you probably do not need a revision.

2. Are in any pain or discomfort? Sometimes this can be a reason why a revision surgery might be needed.

3. Is there something you would have done different?  Gone smaller or larger with a breast augmentation for example.  You may wish that you had asked for something a little different that you originally did.

4. Has your body changed since your procedure?  If you had a breast augmentation and then had children, you may now want the breasts lifted and the implant exchanged for a different size.

There are many reasons that patients could want cosmetic surgery revised, most reasons are normal and not even remotely as sensational as what is seen on TV. If you would like an expert opinion on possibly revising a previous cosmetic procedure, call and make an appointment for a complimentary consultation and we will talk about your specific desires and outcomes.

~ Dr. Timothy Janiga

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How to Overcome the Plastic Surgery Stigma

There are times when we see patients in our office who are grappling with the decision to get cosmetic surgery. On one hand they really want the procedure for health or appearance reasons, but on the other, they worry about what their friends, family and even strangers will think of them.

I wanted to take a moment to share my perspective on the plastic surgery stigma that is sometimes attached to plastic surgery, and how many of my patients have gotten past these feelings of judgment to feel great about themselves with no apologies.

If you’re like these patients, plastic surgery may be something you want to look into, but the plastic surgery stigma has prevented you from doing so. There are many reasons for people to see a plastic and reconstructive surgeon that range from heavy eyelids to breast cancer to facelift or breast augmentation. Some of these have underlying medical reasons, which seem to alleviate some of peoples’ concerns, but other reasons are purely cosmetic in nature such as facelift or breast augmentation.

How does an individual move past the negative plastic surgery stigma and truly entertain what is best for them? At Janiga MDs we have one short answer: if you are thinking about a cosmetic procedure you should seek a professional and expert medical opinion rather than following public opinion. Your opinion is what matters when it comes to your own body, and only you can make those decisions with your plastic surgeon.

Rather then justifying why you may want to have plastic surgery by saying “I’ve lost a lot of weight and I have excess skin” or “my body just didn’t recover after the baby “, start thinking “I am going to do what’s right for me, and what I think is best for my body”. The only person you have to please is yourself.

There is a lot of data to suggest that self-esteem and quality-of-life will improve after procedures such as breast reduction surgery or breast lift surgery as well as others including tummy tuck, etc.  In 2013 there were more than 20.5 million plastic surgery procedures performed in the United States. You are not alone in doing what is best for you.

At Janiga MDs we are here to support you with your decision, give you realistic expectations and valid professional information.  Many times patients will come in to ask questions about their appearance, breast augmentation or facelifts. I always tell them “if it matters to you, it matters to me. Let’s talk about it”.

The bottom line is, do it for you!

-Dr. Timothy Janiga

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Plastic Surgery By Age Statistics – Which Procedure is Most Popular By Age?

Plastic surgery is continuing to gain in frequency and popularity. In 2013 alone, there were 15.1 million cosmetic surgery procedures, up 3% from the previous year.

Each phase of life comes with different focuses when it comes to cosmetic surgery. We wanted to share what plastic surgery procedures are most popular by age using both anecdotal evidence from our own practice – Janiga MDs in Reno, NV –  and facts from the 2013 Plastic Surgery Statistic Report.

Age Range: 20’s – 30’s

The most common plastic surgery procedures for people in their 20s and 30s that we see at Janiga MDs include breast augmentation and rhinoplasty.  In this age group there are a large portion of people wanting to improve on what nature has given them.

According to the survey, what we see in our offices is right on point with trends across the country as the #1 cosmetic procedures for the 20-35 age group are breast augmentations, rhinoplasty and lipsuction. 

Age Range: 30’s – 40’s

beautiful woman

As our patients get into the later 30s and early 40s one of the most common cosmetic procedures we see in our Reno, NV plastic surgeon offices is the mommy makeover, as women would like to help their body return to its pre-pregnancy state once they are done having children.

The mommy makeover cosmetic surgery in Reno includes a breast lift as well as a tummy tuck as these are the two most common areas that change with pregnancy. The breast lift can be done alone or in combination with a breast augmentation depending on your specific body type.

Many 30 to 40 year olds also like Botox and laser resurfacing as the sun damage starts to accumulate, especially living here in Reno at high elevations, and we start to notice the early changes of aging. Prevention is the key in this age group.

According to the survey, liposuction and under eye surgery (blepharoplasty) are also popular cosmetic surgery procedures for the 30-40 year old age group.

Age Range: 50+

plastic surgery in 60s

As women and men continue to mature, the 50s and 60s are a common time in our offices for facelift and fat injection procedures. As patients age, gravity and sun damage take its toll and they begin to experience volume loss and skin laxity.

Small amount of Liposuction can be performed on the thigh, tummy, or back area to remove fat that can then be placed into the face for volume replacement. The benefits of using your own fat for transfer is that there is a large portion of stem cells in this fat that is transferred which also gives a smoothing and rejuvenating component to the skin texture itself.  The laxity of skin is then improved with the facelift component.

The 2013 Plastic Surgery Statistics report says the 50+ age group commonly gets facelifts and hair transplant procedures as well. Botox, fillers and chemical peels are also popular treatments.

If you’re interested in seeing what cosmetic surgery procedures may be right for your age, please make a consultation at Janiga MDs.  I will give you a specific recommendation based on your age, body type and desires.

~ Dr. Timothy Janiga

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Plastic Surgery for Men: Numbers Rising Yearly

Plastic Surgery for Men is Growing in Popularity Every Year

Plastic surgery, which was once thought of exclusively as a “woman’s way” to attractiveness and a more youthful appearance, is gaining acceptance for men more and more every year. Men are discovering the advantages which plastic surgery can give to their self esteem and the impact it can have on their careers, income and personal lives.

As our population continues to age and men and women are working into later life, we want our outward appearance to show our youthful creativity and the stamina we feel.  This is why men, in ever-greater numbers, are starting to take advantage of all the aesthetic improvements that Plastic and Cosmetic Surgery can make available to them.

Plastic Surgery Procedures Men Opt For

Facelifts, nose jobs, and facial implants can help a man achieve more balanced features – and perhaps a stronger chin – so those procedures remain very popular. But men are also discovering that procedures like butt lifts, chest contouring, tummy tucks and lipo can help them achieve a more masculine silhouette by adding definition to their torso. And, for men who may suffer from gynecomastia (enlarged breasts), a very effective breast reduction surgery can spare them from having to wear layered shirts all summer long, as well.

Eye Lifts, Butt Lifts and Neck Lifts

There are very few procedures which we can safely say are “for women only” anymore. As the stigma attached to having a little cosmetic surgery done becomes a thing of the past, men from all walks of life, and all ages, are consulting with plastic surgeons. Men who want their outward appearance to reflect their inner drive and zest for life, are discovering that “a little cosmetic surgery” is, in fact, the perfect augmentation to their healthy lifestyle and exercise regimen.

For Your Personal, Complimentary Consultation with Dr. Timothy Janiga

Please use this convenient form to contact us right now, while the idea is fresh in your mind. Or call us at 775-398-4600. Dr. Timothy Janiga is one of the foremost plastic surgeons in the Reno/Tahoe/Northern Nevada region, and he understands exactly what motivates men to seek out our services.

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Plastic Surgery: A Patient’s Guide to Safe Procedures

Plastic Surgery Is Still Surgery. Your Choice of Plastic Surgeon is As Important as the Procedure You Chose

As a plastic surgery patient, you have the right to expect a great number of assurances from your plastic and cosmetic surgeon. There is no such thing as a “simple” plastic surgery, no matter what the television might tell you. Every procedure, every patient, every time, there are a number of risks which are just inherent to the practice.

Knowing that your surgeon is Board Certified, qualified, experienced, well trained and working in a facility capable of – and licensed to handle – ANY emergency, seems like it might go without saying. But these are questions you need to feel comfortable asking.

There should never be a question your plastic surgeon is uncomfortable answering. Either about his own credentials, his references or the facility where your procedure is supposed to take place.

Communication is the First Step to Ensuring your Plastic Surgery is Safe and Goes As Planned

It is almost as important that you feel a connection to your plastic surgeon, as it is you are confident of his skills and experience. You can only make that kind of connection if you open a good working dialog, expressing any misgivings and getting all of your questions answered. There are many details you should know beforehand, and the only way to ensure you and your plastic surgeon are on the same page, is to ask a lot of the right questions.

Answer Your Plastic Surgeon’s Questions Openly and Honestly

Your plastic surgeon is going to want to know a lot of health related details about your past and current lifestyle. The answers to these questions will help him determine if you are a candidate for the procedure you’re seeking, what precautions he must take, what techniques and implements to use, what pain relief and anesthetics to use and even which facility it would be best to perform your procedure at.

When you open up to your surgeon in this way, you are allowing him to do her best work on his most important patient. You.

Dr. Timothy Janiga is Exactly That Kind of Doctor

Dr. Timothy Janiga and the team at Janiga MDs have built a solid reputation here in the Reno/Tahoe area, around the concept of Patient Centered Service. The personal connection we make, with every one of our patients, is why we enjoy such a loyal following of repeat and referral clients. Dr. Janiga takes great pride in seeing his patients bloom and grow in their personal self-confidence, and says that is the best part of his job.

If you would like the opportunity to get to know Dr. Janiga a little better, to see if he is the kind of plastic surgeon you can feel comfortable with, please contact us today, so we can set up a complimentary consultation between you and the doctor.

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Second Facelift: Patient Satisfaction Coupled with Good Results

Second Facelift Recipients Enjoy Excellent Results and are Very Satisfied

The classic Facelift procedure is as popular as ever, with the number of patients opting for one in 2012 actually growing by 6% over 2011 figures. So it should come as no surprise that the number of patients who are going in for a Second Facelift, years after their first one, are growing as well, along with their personal satisfaction in the work performed.

In addition, the low percentage of complications resulting with a Second Facelift is completely in keeping with those of a first Facelift, meaning the procedures are equally as safe.

There is No Reason You Cannot Turn the Clock Back, More Than Once

The object of a Facelift is to help your outer countenance better reflect your inner vigor and zest for life. People who take advantage of modern medical techniques to return their faces to the smooth contours of their youth, tend to feel better about themselves and their lives. Consequently, if someone has enjoyed a Facelift at 50, they can still benefit from a Second Facelift at 60 and even a Third Facelift, later on.

Tighter skin, fewer wrinkles and shallower folds need no longer be the exclusive possessions of people 20 or 30 years younger than you. Even if you have already undergone a Facelift once, years ago, the hands of time and the effects of gravity are still reversible.

Janiga MDs is Here to Serve Your Needs in the Truckee Meadows

We are proud and honored to feature the skills and experience of one of the Reno/Tahoe area’s most personally caring and technically gifted practitioners, Dr. Timothy A. Janiga, MD, FACS. Dr. Timothy is a Board-Certified Plastic, Cosmetic, and Facial Surgeon, having served his Residency at the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor in their prestigious Integrated Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery program.

We would love to schedule an appointment for you to have your complimentary initial consultation, so you can meet with Dr. Janiga personally, and see for yourself what a difference his connection to his patients can make. Please use this convenient form to leave us a brief message and let us know how to get in contact with you.

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Gynecomastia: Breast Reduction Surgery for Teen Boys Increases Self-Esteem

Gynecomastia (Enlarged Male Breasts) Negatively Effects Teen Boys in a Number of Ways

Everyone knows it’s already hard enough being a teenager. Being an adolescent boy with Gynecomastia however, can be devastating. According to a recent study conducted by the Boston Children’s Hospital, the adverse psychological effects that Gynecomastia adds to the normal pressures of being a teenage boy can cause serious problems in general physical health, mental health, social integration and acceptance, self-esteem and eating behaviors.

Adolescence is a time when young men are determining their personal sense of Self. The effects of Gynecomastia on those assumptions about masculinity and identity need to be dealt with early or they can have lasting impact on a man’s entire adult life.

Gynecomastia: Weight Loss and Physical Conditioning Help, But May Not Be Enough

Gynecomastia is most often seen in overweight or obese boys, who are usually just told to “lose weight” in order to reduce the size of their breasts. Weight loss doesn’t address the glandular or excess skin issues however, which can last well into adulthood, compounding the negative effects and causing further degradation of self-esteem and self-worth over the years.

Early Intervention and Treatment for Gynecomastia can Change a Boy’s Life Forever

Male Breast Reduction surgery, to remove the excess fat, glandular tissues and skin and return a young man’s chest to a slimmer, more masculine profile, can mark a complete turning point in how that young man views himself and his personal worth. Dr. Timothy Janiga, MD, FACS, takes great pride in his ability to effect a young man’s entire life, with a procedure which takes only hours.

We would like to encourage you to contact us right away to schedule a consultation for your teen at our Reno/Tahoe office. Dr. Janiga can provide you with a realistic expectation of your son’s personal outcome, answer any questions you have and share case studies and before/after photos.

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Plastic Cosmetic Surgery: 14.6 Million Procedures Performed in 2012

Plastic Cosmetic Surgery is Becoming More Popular Every Year

In a recent post on the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS) website, they reported that 14.6 million Plastic Cosmetic Surgeries were performed in the United States, during 2012. That figure is up 5% from the 2011 numbers. We like to think that presages good things for the economy, because we look forward to meeting more patients and making even more friends, in 2013.

The fastest growing Cosmetic Surgery procedures were those focused on facial rejuvenation, using both the minimally invasive, as well as traditional, surgical approaches. Breast augmentation remains the most popular Plastic Surgery procedure among the top five.

Top Five Plastic Cosmetic Surgery Procedures for 2012

There was also an increase in reconstructive plastic surgery procedures, those used to correct congenital abnormalities and repair damage from injuries.

Top Five Reconstructive Plastic Surgery Procedures

  • Tumor removal (4.2 million, up 1 percent)
  • Laceration repair (291,000, down 4 percent)
  • Maxillofacial surgery (209,000, up 7 percent)
  • Scar revision (171,000, down 2 percent)
  • Hand surgery (123,000, up 3 percent)

Plastic Surgery At Its Best Here in the Reno/Tahoe Area

Janiga MDs is uniquely qualified to offer both Plastic Surgery and Dermatology under the same roof, right here in the Reno/Tahoe community. Whatever your requirements or desires, Board-Certified Plastic, Cosmetic, and Facial Surgeon Dr. Timothy Janiga, MD, FACS will have the exact expertise necessary to meet your Cosmetic Surgery needs.

Contact us right away, so we can schedule your initial consultation.

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