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World Cancer Day: Practicing Skin Cancer Awareness All Year Long

According to the Union for International Cancer Control, cancer will kill more than eight million people alone this year. An equally scary statistic shows that the instances of skin cancer will top 5.4 million diagnoses in 2016. In fact, one in five Americans will develop skin cancer at some point in their life. The numbers are staggering, but the good news about skin cancer is that it’s quite often preventable if you follow a few simple rules for skin awareness.

World Cancer Day is a good opportunity to review these tips, which you should be following all year long. The following are the ABCDE’s of skin cancer awareness.

A is for Asymmetry

If you imagine cutting a mole or lesion in half and folding it on itself and the two sides do not look alike, you have asymmetry. One side could have a projection or irregular color, while the other side might not. This sort of asymmetry is a warning sign for skin cancer.

B is for Borders

If the borders of a mole are irregular or jagged, this could be a sign of skin cancer. Also, if the borders become blurry and are not sharply demarcated, this could be worrisome, and you should see your dermatologist right away.

C is Color

If there is more than one color in the mole or lesion, please contact your dermatologist.

D is For Diameter

If the lesion itself is greater than 6 millimeters in diameter, see your dermatologist.

E is for Evolution

To me, this is the most important of the ABCDE’s. Evolution means that something is growing or changing, and is a sign that you need to have the mole or lesion checked out.

Signs of Skin Cancer

It’s crucial for you to be familiar with these tips and that you perform a monthly self skin examination for any growing or changing lesions, or for any lesions that meet the criteria noted above. Should you notice any of these concerning signs on your skin, please make an appointment with your dermatologist.

For more information, or to set up a consultation with Dr. Jennifer Janiga for mole evaluation and treatment in our Reno/Tahoe dermatology office, please contact us or call 775-398-4600.

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Banish That Double Chin With Quick, Easy Kybella Treatments

Whether you call it a double chin or neck wattle, the submental fat pad under your chin can be fairly annoying, not to mention the self-esteem issues it can cause. Until recently, your options were to have a neck lift, undergo liposuction or simply learn to live with it. Last year, however, the FDA announced that it had approved Kybella, an injectable liquid proven to minimize submental fat pad.

How to get rid of a Double Chin

Shortly after the announcement, Kybella was all over the news, because it promised to reduce the appearance of double chins across the nation without surgery. Allergan soon acquired Kybella, making it a part of the family of products that includes Juvéderm, Botox and Latisse. Fast forward to February 2016, and Janiga MDs is proud to announce that we are now offering Kybella injections for our patients.

Here’s how it works: The deoxycholic acid in Kybella is the material from the gallbladder that digests fat in your G.I. tract.  When injected under the skin into the fat pad under the chin, it breaks up fat cells, ultimately causing the fat pad to shrink.

There are a few things you should know about Kybella before making your appointment. At present, Kybella is approved only for the submental fat pad and cannot be injected into other areas. It requires at least two to three treatments for full effectiveness, and cannot be used in the lateral jowl area of the face. You will experience mild to moderate discomfort for about an hour after the procedure. After that, you’ll likely experience swelling for a few weeks before seeing your results.

Once you’ve received your full course of Kybella injections, the fat cells are lysed (broken up), meaning they won’t return. This is great news for people who don’t like the profile of their neck or consider themselves to have a double chin. Because the procedure is nonsurgical, it can be performed in less than 30 minutes in our office.

Kybella injection costs will depend on the size of the fat pad and on your anatomy. For the average woman, the injections cost approximately $600-$1,000 per session. For men, they can run between $600- $1,500 per session. The injections are placed about 1 centimeter apart, and the number of injections needed is based on the size of the fat pad. In the FDA trials, the injections were done at one-month intervals and up to six different times. The side effects most commonly included discomfort of the treatment area, swelling, and/or bruising.

During March, Allergan is running a Kybella promotion for its Brilliant Distinctions members. If you haven’t yet signed up for the Brilliant Distinctions program, you can do so here. This will also allow you to take advantage of other upcoming promotions on Latisse, Juvéderm, Voluma and Botox.

If you’re interested in getting rid of that double chin without surgery, please set up an evaluation with me, Dr. Jennifer Janiga, to see if you’re a candidate for Kybella. In your consultation, we’ll discuss your personal expectations, the goals of the procedure as well as the risks, benefits and alternatives to this procedure.

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The New FDA-approved Way to Plump up Your Cheeks: Restylane Lyft


There is a new product available that some of you may be reading about called Restylane Lyft. This is a product in the Restylane family of fillers by Galderma. Restylane Lyft is specifically designed to treat mid-face volume loss.

If you are familiar with the Restylane family of products, you know Restylane and Restylane Silk are the thinner of the products, while Perlane was the thicker product. Each of these products is hyaluronic acid derived.

Restylane Lyft is the thicker product, Perlane renamed and used in the cheeks to give a lift. It improves the nasolabial folds in the middle by lifting the cheeks laterally.

Hyaluronic acid fillers are very safe and have been used for more than 10 years to treat lines on the face. Restylane Lyft is now FDA approved for placement in the cheeks to help some of the volume loss in this area and provide a lift to the face, decreasing the prominence of the nasolabial fold. It lasts about one year, and side effects of the injections usually include bruising and swelling, along with some other more rare side effects.

In the studies, people received between two and four syringes to achieve a lift. Each syringe costs between $500 and $700, depending on which thickness you select and how many syringes you purchase.

For a consultation regarding Restylane Lyft, or any other fillers please call 775-398–4600 and make an appointment with Dr. Jennifer Janiga.

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Best Skincare Products for Mother’s Day Gifts

Mother’s Day is coming up! We have many mothers in the Janiga MDs Reno office, including myself, so we thought it would be fun to do a post strictly for the mom in your life. Below is a list of products and treatments that the moms in our office picked out for great Mother’s Day gift ideas.

Mommy Skincare


Antioxidants reverse the damage and stress done to skin on a daily basis. Our moms are out and about all day running errands for us, going to and from sports activities, and being exposed to environmental damages. An antioxidant gift is the perfect way for mom to help combat these skin stressors.

Antioxidants include vitamin A, vitamin C, green tea, and many others. My favorite is Skin Medica’s A/C Antioxidant, as it has antioxidants and is a glycerin-based application. This glycerin-based product slides smoothly across the skin. I have had very few people have irritation from this product. It is good for even the most sensitive skin. This product costs about $100 for a three-month supply, and is available in our Reno dermatology offices.


Sunscreen is another great gift for mom. Sunscreen protects her from the daily exposure she gets at all those outdoor activities she takes the kids to, as well as the protection she needs just driving in the car. Some of our sunscreens have anti-inflammatory properties such as niacinamide, are moisturizing for dry skin, or are made specifically for oily skin. We can help you find the right sunscreen for your mom. The sunscreens available in our office range from $25-$40.

Anti Aging Serum

We all want to look our best, including mom. A great gift for mom is our combination product, TNS essential serum by Skin Medica. This essential serum includes peptides, antioxidants and growth factors. The growth factors help with cell turnover, collagen stimulation, reversal of environmental damage, and improvements in texture, tone and pigment irregularities. It is truly an all-encompassing anti aging product that is perfect for mom. This product is more expensive because it is three products in one bottle. The cost is $270 for a three month supply.

Botox or Dysport

If you’d like to get mom a treatment rather than a product, Botox or Dysport is another option. Botox and Dysport are neuromodulators that inhibit muscles from contracting, and are used in the frown lines around the eyes and forehead. If you think your mom scowls at you a lot, this will help! One area costs about $300.

If you can’t decide what you would like to get mom for Mother’s Day, and you’re not sure what products or treatments she would like, you can always buy a gift certificate in any denomination she can use however she sees fit, because as we all know, “mom know best!!!”

We want to with you a Happy Mother’s Day to all our readers.

~ Dr. Jennifer Janiga

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Dr. Jennifer Janiga’s Favorite Skincare Products + a Freebie!

When my Reno dermatology patients ask me for the best product to treat wrinkles, I tell them about one of my favorite product combinations for fighting wrinkles … a growth factor + a retinoid. The growth factor builds collagen and promotes cell turnover with the added bonus of essentials antioxidants, while the retinoid increases collagen. This is a one-two punch for anti-aging.

From now through April 15 (tax day) we will be offering our growth factor TNS Essential Serum, bundled with a FREE retinoid. This is a $75 value. 

TNS essential serum is a product you can use twice a day, morning and night. You put on one pump on freshly cleansed skin. It is a combination of growth factor, antioxidants, and peptides. This combination fights the damage you do every day, helps stimulate collagen, and promotes cell turnover. At six months we can see under the microscope on biopsies of the skin, an increase in collagen.

Retinol Cream

Retinoids have been around for more than 30 years. Many studies have shown that they increase collagen, which of course is our favorite effect of this medication. But, the other things that retinoids do is to stimulate cell turnover, decrease pigment in the skin, shrink pores, and naturally exfoliate the skin.

Retinoids are a topical product and are a derivative of vitamin A. The side effects are redness and irritation. Personally, I can only use a retinoid on my dry skin one time per week, but I have patients who can use these products every day. My advice is to apply a retinoid in the evenings on top of the TNS essential serum as often as your skin can tolerate, this can range from 1 to 7 evenings per week.

We know that when it comes to wrinkles and skincare, the right products can go a long way. This combination of a growth factor and retinoid will get your skin looking amazing. Come in to our Reno dermatology office and get our two favorite skincare products for anti-aging the TNS essential serum and get the retinoid (for free!).

~ Dr. Jennifer Janiga

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Is Social Media the New Marketplace for Plastic Surgery?

People are turning to social media sites like Facebook and Twitter when shopping for plastic surgery.

In a study conducted by the American Academy of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery (AAFPRS), 42% of the people who underwent plastic surgery in 2011, first consulted their social media sites like Facebook or Twitter, for information on plastic surgery. That’s up 29% from 2010.

Some people seem to want to peruse before & after pictures, ask their friends to make recommendations and generally look for social proofing about the procedure and surgeon they’re going to choose. Of course, people have been doing that since the days of HTML Yahoo chat, but the meteoric rise of purely social media pages, seems to have created its own niche.

Smart doctors are using social media sites to get the word out about their services.

Plastic surgery for cosmetic or reconstructive purposes is a fairly social concept. People will choose a particular procedure for reasons of aesthetics, so it’s no surprise they’re going to see who the people in their “community” recommend to correct or enhance their look. Being where your potential clients can find you only makes good sense. Plastic surgeons can also join professional organizations and websites like those offered on LinkedIn, to further network and improve their social proof.

Don’t let your social media “friends” have too much influence on your upcoming plastic surgery.

We are always going to ask friends and family for their advice. That’s part of being social animals, and helps us build bonds with the people around us. But that doesn’t mean they’re always going to give us the best advice. Everyone has their own favorite scary story to tell. Your best bet, when seeking advice in anything, is to speak with people who have done it successfully. That actually applies to just about everything, from traveling abroad to going into business for yourself. And yes, plastic surgery.

Use social media to find and communicate with people who have done what YOU want to do, and experienced excellent results. They will generally tell you the good and the bad, instead of only the bad.

Talk to an actual plastic surgeon personally, if you want to get the best advice possible.

A doctor with all the right credentials and an impeccable reputation isn’t going to need to “sell” you on anything. Dr. Timothy Janiga takes great pride in the relationships he establishes with his patients, first and foremost. He always invests the time necessary to understand both the physical and psychological ramifications a surgery will have on his clients. He will only give you the best advice, based on his experience and medical knowledge. If he believes a procedure isn’t right for you, he will be very clear about that. He will make sure that you are in possession of all the pertinent facts necessary, so you can make a fully informed decision.

If you would like to schedule an appointment to speak personally with Dr. Janiga, please contact us today. He is always happy to meet new people.

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Press Release: Janiga MDs Wins Silver ADDY Award for Website

JanigaMD’s Wins Local Reno Award!

We received the honor of a Silver ADDY® Award for our newly redesigned website in the Business-to-Consumer HTML (35-C) category, at Reno’s local ADDY® Awards, hosted by AAF Reno. The 2011 ADDY® Awards Show was held at the Peppermill EDGE Nightspot in early March of this year.

JanigaMD’s Response to the Award

We are the only practice in Northern Nevada that marries two distinct disciplines, plastic surgery and dermatology, and we are thrilled with this honor. This award confirms our tactical approach to developing a proactive local marketing effort and we are very happy with the beauty of our site’s design. We feel that it is important to not only represent beauty in our site, but within our patients as well. We strive to bring out the inner beauty our clients want to see in the mirror on a daily basis and find our work very rewarding in this sense.

More about the ADDY Awards

An ADDY® Award is the largest and best represented annual advertising competition. It strives to reward excellence for creativity in advertising. Each year the entries are in the tens of thousands. The competition begins at the local level, with winners moving on to a District competition, and finally the National Competition.

These awards support the advertising industry, by using the proceeds to make advertising better through “public service, internships, advocacy groups, advertising education, and consumer awareness.”

Each entry in a category is scored by a panel of judges who evaluate “all creative dimensions”.

“A GOLD ADDY® is recognition of the highest level of creative excellence and is judged to be superior to all other entries in the competition. Entries that are also considered outstanding and worthy of recognition receive a SILVER ADDY®.”

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Think About Diabetes for 45 Seconds. That’s It.

Most of us don’t have to make room for diabetes in our lives. But here’s a (much simplified) snapshot of a diabetic’s day. Maybe you can put yourself in this person’s shoes for a moment?

Morning. Alarm sounds. Immediately take stock of your body: Tired? Grumpy? Fingers tingly or numb? Toes cold? Your blood sugar dropped last night and you woke up today feeling grateful for the glass of orange juice your spouse brought to you in the middle of the night to bring you back to normal sugar levels.  Test you blood sugar. Stick the finger, squeeze, apply blood drop to test strip. Blood sugar’s still a little low after last night’s episode, which probably explains why you’re more than a little fatigued.

Must consider breakfast. It can’t be just any food, either. It has to be precise; specifically, you have to carefully balance carbohydrates. Too many or too few and your blood sugar surges through wild periods of intense peaks and valleys. And your body’s primary functions – heart, kidneys, brain, muscles, pancreas – are put through the stresses as well.

Exercise – rain, sleet, hail, snow, wind, sun… You have to move your body, regardless of mood or temperature. It’s of even greater importance because the sedentary diabetic suffers even more of the disease’s impacts if he or she doesn’t maintain a steady exercise routine.

Lunch. Again, carbs are the key. You’ve learned through experience that all carbs are not created equal, either, and that you have to avoid bananas, for instance. Or be ready with a shot of insulin to counter the spike on your system. Fortunately, the business lunch you were served was mainly meat based, which resulted in fewer blood sugar concerns. Co-worker birthday cake. With every celebration you have to measure and adjust. After adding up the cake’s carbs, you inconspicuously inject insulin or adjust your insulin pump to address the sugar intake.

Home. Fix dinner, keeping in mind that it has to be nutritious and tasty for the others in your family who are not dealing with diabetes. Check blood sugar. One final time before bed. Add insulin to your body if needed to offset dinner, or eat a little to balance your system before going to bed.

November is Diabetes Awareness Month. It’s an opportunity to draw attention to the impact this disease has on the 26 million children and adults in America who live each day with diabetes. The northern Nevada chapter of the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation (JDRF) has declared Nov. 17 Nevada’s Big Give. Please take a moment to learn more about this illness and help, because diabetes is not going to disappear unless the resources are available to continue the fight.

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Kickoff 100 Years of Girl Scouts at Wolf Pack Homecoming, Oct. 15

Girls Scout

Like a lot of our patients and friends in northern Nevada, we at Janiga MDs love the way this community comes together around our university, community and youth organizations. Like many of our patients and friends, we’ve made an effort to play an active role in this community by sponsoring events and activities for the Girl Scouts of Northern Nevada.

All of us here at Janiga MDs want you to keep in mind the upcoming kickoff celebration of 100 years of scouting at the Nevada vs. New Mexico Homecoming game, October 15th at Mackay Stadium. The event is an opportunity to highlight the importance of Scouting for girls and help Girl Scouts USA and Girl Scouts of the Sierra Nevada reconnect with Girl Scout alumnae, reinforce support for the council, and encourage financial support to fund Scouting opportunities for the 6,200 girls who are part of this northern Nevada/northeastern California council.

At the Wolf Pack Homecoming game on October 15th the Girl Scouts will muster more than 300 girls in formation on the field to form the “2012 Year of the Girl” logo while the University of Nevada Reno Marching Band plays the Girl Scout Song, “Make New Friends, But Keep the Old.” We’ll be there snapping photos with our smartphones and posting them to Twitter and Facebook and hope you’ll join us in giving props to the Girl Scouts for 100 years of Scouting by documenting this event with photos and video.

If you were a Scout with the Girl Scouts of the Sierra Nevada or any other council, please visit one of the Girl Scout booths at the Homecoming Game, say hello and share your memories of scouting. If you’d like to reinvest in the community, consider becoming a Girl Scout volunteer. Volunteering is a great way to help girls grow strong and develop courage, confidence and character. We encourage you to get involved and be a part of something positive and powerful. You can sign up to volunteer or get more information at the homecoming game as well. Please also “like” the Girl Scouts of the Sierra Nevada on Facebook.

See you at the game. GO PACK! GO GIRL SCOUTS!


  • What: UNR Wolf Pack Homecoming Game
  • When: Saturday, October 15th at 1:00 p.m.
  • Where: Mackay Stadium on the University of Nevada Campus

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Janiga MDs featured in MD News

MD News

The April issue of MD News just came out.  We wanted to share the article about the new office with you.  The picture is of us standing in front of the new building and sign.  The article references the great lengths we have gone to in order to make this office and our practice paramount in the fields of plastic surgery and dermatology.

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