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What Causes Eye Bags and How to Treat Them

One of the most common reasons that men and women visit to my office is to find out what can be done about the bags under their eyes. Some people experience darkness almost a purple like discoloration, while other people … More

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Why Voluma is our New Favorite Product – Plus 15% Off!

Janiga MDs is going to feature one product with a discount each quarter that we know you are going to love.  Each time we have a new product to feature, we’ll write a bit about it here on the blog, … More

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Perlane: Ideal for Deeper Wrinkles & Facial Contouring

Perlane Adds More Volume and Lasts Longer In earlier blogs, we’ve discussed Hyaluronic Acid dermal fillers like Juvederm, so it only seems fitting that we now cover Perlane. Perlane is an injectable sub-dermal filler which allows a skilled, Board Certified … More

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Restylane: Reverse Signs of Aging, From Lips to Laugh Lines

Restylane Minimizes Wrinkles and Restores Facial Features Restylane, a leader in the fight against aging lips and wrinkles, has proven to be one of the best forms of Injectable Hyaluronic Acid Gels available to dermatologists today. Restylane has actually been … More

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Juvederm: Instantly Smooth Away Wrinkles and Skin Folds

Juvederm Turns Back the Clock Recently we discussed the many faces of Hyaluronic Acid treatments, which are available and very useful for erasing wrinkles and folds in the skin of the face. Today we’re going to focus in on Juvederm, … More

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Bringing The Happy Back to Your Face

I consult with a number of patients every week about their facial aging. A frequent thread to the discussion centers around a patient looking “tired” or “angry,” but not feeling that way. She wants her facial expression to better reflect … More

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5 Tips for Looking Your Very Best This Holiday Season

The holidays are around the corner and here are a few ideas for freshening your look in preparation for friends and family, or stepping under the mistletoe. Tip 1: Try a Fast, Temporary Fix Botox, Dysport and Xeomin, the newest … More

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Botox® vs. Dysport®: Is One Wrinkle Reducer Better Than The Other?

The short answer is not really. Botox® and Dysport® are similar in many ways.  The purpose of the medications is to relax the muscles that contract and cause wrinkles, like those found on the forehead and around the eyes.  The … More

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Lip Enhancements and Injections vs. Aging, Shrinking Lips

The Case of the Shrinking Lips Last week a patient asked me, “How come my lips keep getting smaller as I get older?” Many factors play a role in the change in the shape of the face including the lips. … More

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The age give away.

A patient of mine came in last week, she had heard a plastic surgeon on the show “The Doctors” say that no matter how much botox, or how many facials a woman had he could always tell her age by her jowls.  When … More

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