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VANIQA (Eflornithine HCI cream, 13.9%) is the first and only prescription cream clinically proven to slow the growth of unwanted facial hair (UFH) in women. With regular use you may be removing hair less often. VANIQA was studied for use around the lips and on the chin.

Vaniqa (Eflornithine)


What is VANIQA facial hair cream?

VANIQA is the first and only prescription cream clinically proven to slow the growth of unwanted facial hair (UFH) in women.

With VANIQA, you have a way to help manage your unwanted facial hair (UFH) with a topical cream. Eflornithine HCI Cream, 13.9%, doesn’t remove hair like many products you may already be using. Instead it actually slows the growth of the hair and may decrease the thickness of that hair also, complementing your current treatment. You should continue to use your current method of hair removal. VANIQA can be used on all skin types.

Because VANIQA is a prescription cream, you will need to talk to Dr. Janiga to see if VANIQA (eflornithine HCI) cream, 13.9% is right for you.

How does VANIQA cream work?

VANIQA is a unique prescription cream that works right where the problem of unwanted facial hair begins, with the hair follicle itself.

VANIQA works during the growth stage of the hair cycle by blocking an enzyme in the follicle that is necessary for hair to grow.

How well does Vaniqa work?

In clinical studies, nearly 60% of those treated with VANIQA showed clinical improvement. It was shown to slow the growth of unwanted facial hair in women. Over time you may be removing hair less often.

  • In clinical studies, doctors saw significant improvement in the majority of women using VANIQA. Normal hair grow will start again once you stop using this product.
  • The women studied reported that they felt significantly less bothered by their facial hair after using this product. They also said that after using it they were significantly less bothered by the amount of time they spent removing, treating, or concealing facial hair.
  • Some patients saw significant results in as soon as 8 weeks after starting VANIQA. Individual results may vary. The longer VANIQA was used, the better the results. If improvement is not seen in 6 months, you should discontinue use.
  • Use VANIQA twice a day every day as directed by your doctor. Wait 4 hours after applying before you wash your face. Apply before other cosmetics. Vaniqa may cause temporary redness, stinging, burning or rash.

Can I use Vaniqa with laser hair renewal?

Dr. Jen Janiga recommends this combined treatment of Vaniqa with laser hair removal because it has been shown to improve overall results

With what other treatments can I use Vaniqa cream?

Vaniqa can be used with tweezing, shaving, waxing or by itself.

How much does Vaniqa cost?

Depending on where you purchase it, Vaniqa can cost $100 – $250 for a tube that will last approximately 30-45 days if used correctly.

Will my insurance cover Vaniqa?

Unfortunately, Vaniqa is considered a cosmetic treatment and will not be covered by your prescription coverage.

Does Dr. Janiga prescribe Vaniqa cream during a Reno office appointment or over the phone?

Prior to prescribing Vaniqa, it is important for Dr. Janiga to see you in person and take a full history and also perform an evaluation to determine if a prescription for Vaniqa cream would be appropriate in your situation.

For more information or to set up a consultation with Dr. JenniferJaniga, for a Vaniqa cream prescription assessment in our Reno dermatology offices, please send us an email or call 775-398-4600.

Jennifer J. Janiga, MD, FAAD

Dr. Janiga enjoys taking care of both adults and children. Her extensive training and years of experience in medical dermatology, lasers, and cosmetic procedures allows her to treat her patients with the comprehensive attention they deserve.

Dr. Janiga listens attentively to what patients have to say, and works with them in planning the right course of action on an individual basis. Honest talk, humility and a fresh perspective paired with years of experience and education all contribute to the effectiveness of her straightforward care.