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Body Procedures

The body, as they say, is a temple. Treat yours right. And, when diet and exercise aren’t quite enough, consider a procedure from Janiga MDs. Comprised of a wide array of options, Dr. Janiga’s body procedure services include everything from butt lifts to tummy tucks, arm lifts and everything in between.

Body Procedures

What’s your ideal body shape? Do you imagine yourself losing those “last five pounds” that just don’t seem to come off with all the exercise in the world? Or do you long to have your pre-pregnancy body back?

When those pesky extra pounds or excess fat just won’t budge, Janiga MDs can help. We offer a selection of body surgery procedures that can help you achieve the results you’ve always dreamed of.

Body Procedures

Janiga MDs offers a wide variety of body procedures. Explore them below and contact us for a consultation to discuss your options.
Mini Abdominoplasty
Body Lift
Breast augmentation
Breast augmentation revision
Full brachioplasty
Mini brachioplasty
Facial fat injections
Mommy Makeover
Tumescent liposuction

Timothy A. Janiga, MD, FACS

With highly respected credentials, academic achievements and almost a decade of experience to his credit, Dr. Janiga looks amazing on paper. Incredibly, he is even more impressive in person. Emotionally invested in every patient, Dr. Janiga treats his patients like family instead of mere cases, and takes the success of each procedure personally.

He is drawn to the detailed nature of plastic surgery and the tremendous sense of accomplishment that comes from the immediate physical and psychological changes that take place for his patients.