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As much art as it is science, the rhinoplasty procedure improves the features of the nose. Learn about rhinoplasty at Janiga MDs here.


At its best, plastic surgery can transcend science and begin to resemble art. Such is the case with rhinoplasty, a procedure that refines the features of your nose to make it more proportionate to the rest of your face.

The Procedure

Dr. Janiga performs rhinoplasty using general anesthesia in a Reno-area surgery center. The procedure typically involves an incision underneath the nose and on the inside of the nose. The cartilage and bone of the nose is often reshaped. Sometimes cartilage grafts from the nasal septum are used to improve and refine the appearance of the nasal tip and dorsum. Dr. Janiga works very closely with his patients to help you achieve your desired look.

This procedure takes approximately one to three hours with one to two hours of recovery time before leaving the surgery center.

Rhinoplasty Recovery & Results

An external nasal splint and internal septal splint are left in place for one week. Once this is removed return to work and activity is generally acceptable. Full results are expected within nine months. Mild swelling of the nasal tip can last up to a year.

Schedule a Consultation

We evaluate patients considering rhinoplasty in our Reno/Tahoe offices. For more information, or to set up a consultation with Dr. Janiga for your rhinoplasty in our offices, please send us an email or call 775-398-4600.


Timothy A. Janiga, MD, FACS

With highly respected credentials, academic achievements and almost a decade of experience to his credit, Dr. Janiga looks amazing on paper. Incredibly, he is even more impressive in person. Emotionally invested in every patient, Dr. Janiga treats his patients like family instead of mere cases, and takes the success of each procedure personally.

He is drawn to the detailed nature of plastic surgery and the tremendous sense of accomplishment that comes from the immediate physical and psychological changes that take place for his patients.