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At Janiga MDs Plastic Surgery and Dermatology our patients are the top priority. Our testimonials are a representation of how those patients feel about the doctors and staff. Whether you are interested in a skin exam, Botox, or cosmetic surgery, this site will help you get to know our doctors and understand the type of care you can expect as a patient of either Dr. Timothy or Dr. Jennifer Janiga.

Timothy A. Janiga, MD, FACS

Breast Augmentation Revision Surgery

About 11 years ago I had my breasts augmented with Saline Breast Implants. I hadn’t had any problems until this past July when noticed my right breast getting smaller and smaller. I was so upset and started to experience some discomfort. I had not planned on having another surgery, but knew I needed to seek out a Plastic Surgeon to go over my options with. After researching my options in Reno, I decided to go and meet with Dr. Janiga.

After my first meeting with Dr. Janiga, I left his office extremely confident in our decision to have the Saline Implants removed, and replaced with smaller Silicone Implants. I had the surgery this past August, and could not be happier with my results. Dr. Janiga did a wonderful job making me look as natural as I could have hoped, and had a wonderful bedside manner that made me feel extremely comfortable. I was extremely impressed when I received a phone call from Dr. Janiga as I was recovering at home. He gave me his personal cell phone number to call him with any questions or concerns. I realize he is a very busy person with a family of his own.so that was a big deal to me! I would highly recommend him to anyone looking to augment, remove, or replace, their Breasts.

I am now also a patient of his wife Dr. Jennifer Janiga, and feel so lucky to have found them. They make a great team!

- Sarah W.

Dr. Janiga, we appreciated the superb care we received from your office staff and you. It will never be forgotten. You have a wonderful bedside manner and are such a skilled surgeon. All of your patients are so fortunate. Keep up the great work. Just wanted to say thanks again!

- Amy & Troy R.

Breast Cancer

As a breast cancer patient you face countless life changing decisions that you are not prepared or qualified to make. The most important person to guide you through the cancer and the treatment is a doctor you can trust. Dr Timothy Janiga is a qualified and compassionate physician who helped put my life, my body, and my self-esteem back to normal and my cancer experience behind me. Dr Janiga offered me the options available while counseling me to select the procedure that was perfect for my situation. From the initial office visit to the final check up Dr. Janiga was kind, considerate, and took excellent care of me. He is very concerned with infection and your recovery. I appreciated his total honesty and emotional support during my reconstruction process. Dr. Janiga’s creation of a new and natural breast exceeded all my expectations. His reconstruction of my new breast was extremely successful and worthwhile.

I would honestly recommend Dr. Janiga for any cosmetic or reconstructive surgery. His pre op care through surgery and the post op follow up are very thorough. His surgical techniques are meticulous and well respected.

- Deborah K.

Despite working out on a daily basis, I had a lot of excess skin that made daily activities a chore. Dr. Janiga performed a panniculectomy. I recovered without any complications from the surgery and it has changed my life. My pant size has dropped from a 66 to a 38. Recently I rode my bicycle on a 400 mile trip. I have been able to go both water tubing and snow tubing. During this process, I went to a singles retreat through church and met a wonderful lady. We were married! We are planning to go on a cruise in February. Never before could I have fit in an airline seat or been comfortable on a cruise. The surgery with Dr. Janiga has given me an improved self-image and improved self-confidence. This was the best thing that I ever did for myself. Thank you Dr. Janiga.

- Gary, B.

Dear Dr. Timothy Janiga, I have wanted to write you for some time to let you know how pleased I have been with everything you did for me. From the very first time I was told that I had Breast Cancer the world I knew was changed. Every visit to the various Doctors involved with the treatment was filled with anxiety and nerves that affected my daily routine. From our first consultation you made me feel very comfortable with the process that would remove the disease from my body as well as the reconstruction of the infected area. You took the time to explain the options that I had to choose from including the Tram Flap procedure. Your commitment to me was obvious from the first visit. You explained the time I would be in surgery from arrival through recovery and release. The support you and your office gave me after the surgery was very special to me. I never felt like I was being treated as a name in a medical chart, but as a person that needed your help and guidance. Here I am four months later and I can tell you the appearance of the reconstructed area is so life like that you cannot tell the difference. While this period in my life will always be something that I will have to live with, I know I can beat the disease with the help of Doctors like you. Best Wishes,

- Pamela S.

Timothy A. Janiga, MD, FACS

With highly respected credentials, academic achievements and almost a decade of experience to his credit, Dr. Janiga looks amazing on paper. Incredibly, he is even more impressive in person. Emotionally invested in every patient, Dr. Janiga treats his patients like family instead of mere cases, and takes the success of each procedure personally.

He is drawn to the detailed nature of plastic surgery and the tremendous sense of accomplishment that comes from the immediate physical and psychological changes that take place for his patients.

Jennifer J. Janiga, MD, FAAD

Sun Damage, Botox, Fillers

Dr. Janiga did filler for my lips, cheeks, and smile lines. She was attentive to making the procedure comfortable for me and she really listened to my expectations for how I wanted to look. I feel like I look like myself, but 10 years younger, it’s great.

- Mary P.

Dr. Jennifer Janiga’s technique for botox is fabulous. I had botox many times before and it never looked quite right until I started seeing Dr. Jennifer. My wrinkles were gone and I looked natural, not frozen. I would never have another person do my botox again.

- Lisa O.

I began a second career in my early 50s and although I felt energetic and younger than my age, I saw signs of aging that I wanted corrected. I had bags under my eyes, frown lines on my forehead; there was sun damage on my face and a loss of skin tone around my mouth and chin. Dr. Janiga listened to my concerns and recommended a non-invasive plan to restore a more youthful appearance. Dr. Janiga used the Active FX laser for the sun damage and all over tone and appearance of my skin. The Juvaderm, an injectable filler was used to reduce the bags under my eyes and tighten my sagging chin. Botox erased the frown lines on my forehead. There was very little down time with these procedures and the best part is that I have natural looking results and look 10 years younger. Now I look as young as I feel.

- L. Taylor


I went to Dr. Janiga for what I thought was a normal mole, it turned out to be melanoma, I was only 27. Dr. Janiga went out of her way to arrange the appropriate follow-up tests and appointments for me, even my second opinions. She took the time to talk to me on the phone and in person many times. Today I am cancer free and will always be appreciative of the care and attention she gave me.

- Kristine H.

Leg Rash

Dr. Jennifer Janiga is a compassionate and open doctor. She listened to me and was able to completely cure in 3 weeks what other doctors had not been able to do in 10 years. The rash on my legs was so awful, but Dr. Jennifer took one look at it, used a simple approach and completely cured my condition. I am able to wear shorts for the first time in over 10 years. I will always be grateful to her.

- Kerry P.

Jennifer J. Janiga, MD, FAAD

Dr. Janiga enjoys taking care of both adults and children. Her extensive training and years of experience in medical dermatology, lasers, and cosmetic procedures allows her to treat her patients with the comprehensive attention they deserve.

Dr. Janiga listens attentively to what patients have to say, and works with them in planning the right course of action on an individual basis. Honest talk, humility and a fresh perspective paired with years of experience and education all contribute to the effectiveness of her straightforward care.