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Meet Darci Page, Janiga’s New Nurse Practitioner

Meet Darci Page, Janiga’s New Nurse Practitioner

If there’s one thing we’re proud of at Janiga MDs, it’s our exceptional team. We strive to offer the best in cosmetic treatments and services, which includes some of the best expertise in the industry. Here’s what to know about one important member of our team, Darci Page, NP-C.

About Darci

From an early age, Darci Page knew two things for certain – she loved the outdoors and she wanted to work in the medical field. With Darci being an important part of Janiga MDs as a Certified Nurse Practitioner and licensed Aesthetician, we’re happy to report she’s living both dreams in Reno, NV. .

Born and raised in New Mexico, Darci was a competitive athlete as a child, participating in track and field, volleyball, and basketball, with a little choir practice thrown in for artistic measure. Later, she moved to the Reno area with family.  Darci went on to earn her bachelor’s degree in Nursing at UNR and master’s degree as a Nurse Practitioner.

Darci says an early childhood experience with reconstructive  surgery changed her life and ultimately led to her career choice as a Nurse Practitioner. Combined with a passion for cosmetics and helping patients achieve their most confident self, Darci is an invaluable part of our medical spa team at Janiga MDs. Here are some of her specialties offered at our Reno office.


Darci specializes in some of the best, industry-leading injectables like Botox®, Kybella®, and dermal filler families like Juvéderm®, Voluma,  and Restylane®. With a conservative approach, Darci takes the time to understand your needs and build a relationship built on trust and professionalism. Using the right injectable treatments, you can enjoy transformative, anti-aging results without the need for surgical incisions or downtime.

Laser Treatments

Among Darci’s areas of expertise are the latest cosmetic laser treatments. At Janiga MDs, we offer a variety of laser platforms so we can customize your treatment to your exact needs and skin type. With experience in options like IPL and laser resurfacing, Darci can help you address many different skin concerns like pigmentation, fine lines, texture, and collagen loss. With the right package of treatments, we can help you maintain your results for the long term.

Skincare Treatments and Products

Skincare treatments like microneedling and chemical peels are must-haves when it comes to the cosmetic industry, but the right skincare specialist can mean the difference between good results and stunning ones. Darci can help you learn your skin’s needs and which treatments can help you achieve a healthy glow with the most effective reduction in your unique concerns. You can even return for regular treatments to maintain your results with a skincare specialist who can anticipate your skin’s needs and know the right steps for you and your goals.

Schedule An Appointment

Your next step in boosting your confidence is by meeting with our certified Nurse Practitioner. We invite you to contact our Reno office to schedule your appointment with Darci Page, NP-C and learn more about our best non-surgical offerings.  Give us a call at 775-364-0224 or fill out our form here.