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What is Donut Pexy?

Better known as a breast lift, the donut mastopexy, or donut pexy, is designed to lift the breast by making an incision around the areola.

A donut pexy is designed to elevate the nipple to a more natural position and helps reduce the appearance of sagging or laxity of the breast. This procedure can be performed in conjunction with a breast augmentation, improving the overall look and feel of the breasts.

A donut pexy has some limitations on how much lift can be achieved. Dr. Janiga will review all options during your consultation to help you select the best type of breast lift for your desired results and specific body type.

The Procedure

A donut mastopexy is performed by Dr. Timothy Janiga in an outpatient surgery center. The surgery involves an incision around the areola, with the removal of excess skin. The areola is then repositioned on the breast and sutured closed.

This procedure takes one hour with another hour for recovery before being going home.

"Both Dr. Jennifer and Dr. Timothy Janiga are excellent professionals. They both are kind, and put their patients interest in the first place." - PF


Recovery & Results

Swelling and minimal bruising may last up to three weeks. Return to work can be expected within five to seven days. Full results are expected within three months.

You will notice results right away, with the breasts having been lifted. Signs of improvement will continue to appear as the incision and scarring heal.

Schedule a Consultation

We evaluate patients considering a donut pexy in our Reno/Tahoe plastic surgery and cosmetic center. Send us an email or call us at 775-364-0224 to set up a consultation.


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