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Breast Lift – What to Expect?

Breast Lift – What to Expect?

Commonly called a breast lift or boob lift, the medical name for this surgery is a mastopexy. A mastopexy will elevate and firm your breasts by removing excess skin and tissue and tightening the surrounding breast tissue to create a more aesthetic appearing breast.

What Does a Breast Lift Do For Me?

As women age the breasts will change over time and lose the firmness and shape that their breasts once had in youth. Aging, gravity, breastfeeding, pregnancy, and significant weight loss or gain will change the elasticity of the skin and ultimately change the appearance of the breast. A breast lift does not significantly change the size of your breast but it will change the shape so that the breast is more youthful.

You may be a good candidate for a breast lift if your breasts are saggy and have nipples and areolas that point downward, you have a stable weight and are healthy, you are a non-smoker, and are bothered by the loss of shape and volume in your breasts.

How Do I Get Started?

At the time of your consultation with Dr. Janiga he will be able to examine you and discuss what surgical options will best meet your needs and expectations. It is important to have a candid discussion with Dr. Janiga regarding your expectations and goals; medical history including previous surgeries; current medications, supplements, and use of tobacco.

Dr. Janiga will also want to discuss your family history of breast cancer and results of previous breast biopsies and mammograms. Before your surgery is performed Dr. Janiga will review your medications and make adjustments as needed, order a baseline mammogram if indicated, have you stop smoking six weeks prior to the operation, and have you avoid taking anti-inflammatory drugs like advil or aspirin and have you discontinue herbal supplements as they can increase your risk of bleeding.

He will also discuss the post-operative care and restrictions. The incisions used for your surgery will be drawn out so you can understand exactly where the scars will be and Dr. Janiga will show you pictures of patient’s who have had the same operation.

The Process

In general, the surgery will take around two hours to complete and is an outpatient operation. Drains are often used to remove excess inflammatory fluid that can develop around the breast and will typically be removed 3-5 days later. The final result will appear over a number of months as the shape of your breasts settle. The incision lines will continue to fade over time.

The results of your breast lift surgery will be long-lasting but the process of aging and gravity will continue and so it is important to maintain a healthy lifestyle and steady weight. It is important to discuss with Dr. Janiga if you plan to get pregnant and breast-feed or are planning to lose significant amounts of weight as this can ultimately affect your results.

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