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Breast Lifts Can Reverse the Sag From Age, Weight Loss, or Pregnancy

Breast Lifts Can Reverse the Sag From Age, Weight Loss, or Pregnancy

Breast Lifts: Regain Your Natural Shape in Two Hours or Less

The breast lift has done a lot more than simply allow patients to return to their natural shape and the contours of a younger body. It has given women the opportunity to rediscover or reinvent themselves after a major weight loss, pregnancy or simply the effects of gravity over time. And the breast lift surgery itself, is a time-tested procedure that has been mastered and perfected by the plastic surgery community at large, through many years of study and literally thousands of successful operations.

Skilled, experienced, talented, and Board Certified Cosmetic Surgeons, like Dr. Timothy Janiga, are able to perform a fully involved breast lift – bringing a woman’s curves and overall body image into much better alignment with her desired body image – in two hours or less.

A Breast Lift Can Be Combined with Breast Augmentation

Sometimes, a woman is not only dissatisfied with the sagging, droopy look of her breasts, she wants a fuller bust-line in her silhouette, as well. In those instances, she may opt to include augmentation (enlargement) via a wide range of available implants, to be performed during her breast lift. By the same token, a breast lift can also be indicated if a woman has chosen to have her implants removed. Removing excess skin and tissue, while moving the nipple complex higher on the breasts, can return them to a more youthful, natural appearance.

Are You a Good Candidate for Breast Lift Surgery?

A breast lift will normally not be performed until after a woman has turned 18 years of age. Dr. Janiga will always recommend that a woman wait until her breasts have completely developed, before she consider a breast lift. However, in cases where one of a younger woman’s breasts may have formed far differently than the other, being oddly shaped or inhibiting any possibility of symmetry, he is absolutely the best surgeon to call upon to correct the issue.

Because a breast lift does not really affect the milk glands, ducts or nipples, a woman should be able to breastfeed after her breast lift without any problems.

 If You Are Considering a Breast Lift

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