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Breast Reduction: How Much IS Too Much?

Breast Reduction: How Much IS Too Much?

Breasts come in all sizes. The most common bra size I see worn in my practice is a 36C. However, bra sizes in the US go much higher than a C cup. So how do you know when your breast size IS too large?

Common Reasons Women Decline Breast Reduction Surgery

I hear a lot of reasons why women don’t want to reduce their breast size; sometimes it is because they think they will look ‘funny’ if they have ‘small’ breasts and their stomach comes out farther, other times they say things like “My husband would be SO upset if I had smaller breasts”. The point of breast reduction, unlike breast augmentation, is that oversized breasts often cause real, physical discomfort and can lead to serious back problems as you age.

How many cup sizes does a reduction usually remove?

Every person is unique and has their own personal mental image of how their body ‘should’ look. That’s why in most cases, you are in charge of explaining your ideal cup size – that image – to the doctor. Due to technology, we can now use sophisticated 3D imaging to basically ‘scan’ your current body contours into a machine and make digital changes to reflect a new image until you see what matches your ideal body shape and breast size. It is extremely important that you and Dr. Janiga be on the same mental page before surgery, because Janiga MDs wants you to be happy with your overall results.

What are some of the reasons to GET a breast reduction?

If you are a woman who has to wear your bra at night to ‘control’ your breasts, or you have indents in your shoulders from the bra straps, if your underwire is extremely uncomfortable and your lower back is constantly aching or in chronic pain, you may be an excellent candidate for breast reduction surgery.

Large breasts can also cause the shoulders to curve in toward the chest and the back to hunch over which can be painful and harmful to your spine and bones over time.

If you think you might be a candidate for breast reduction surgery, call Janiga MDs today to set up your personal consultation with Dr. Timothy Janiga.

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