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Do Plastic Surgery Vacations Make Sense?

Do Plastic Surgery Vacations Make Sense?

Plastic Surgery Vacations can be the perfect escape

Making plastic surgery a central theme of their vacation has meant less stress and a more enjoyable experience, for a growing number of people. Reno is already a popular vacation destination. With our world class hotels, fine dining and wide variety of entertainment venues, most travel options for round trips are extremely affordable. Combining the relaxing atmosphere of a city already designed to cater to your needs with the opportunity to obtain desired procedures (while doing your primary healing away from the earnest questions of friends and colleagues), does indeed make sense.

There are thousands of rural communities across the country, and around the world, which might not offer the services of a dedicated Plastic Surgeon/Dermatologist office. Reno’s small-town warmth & feel can make for a much more comfortable environment than New York City or Los Angeles, to people who are more used to less crowded environs.

Your Vacation time is valuable

If your vacation plans include plastic surgery scheduled for the beginning of your time away from work, you can relax and mend at leisure, allowing bruises to subside and the healing process to take hold. This means you will not have to take non-vacation days or additional time off, to recuperate from your procedure. Contacting your surgeon to discuss all the options over the phone and via email, well before you plan to arrive here, will ensure that your entire stay goes as smoothly as a simple trip across town.

Locals can Stay-cation their Plastic Surgery Vacation

Even if you don’t live in another state or country, you can still take advantage of the Reno area’s ability to pamper and delight our guests. Choosing to recuperate poolside, while enjoying the luxuries of room-service and attentive staff, is NOT something reserved only for our out-of-town friends. Many of our Hotel/Casino establishments have “local” specials, and are more than happy to extend a welcome.

Things to be aware of while planning your Plastic Surgery Vacation

Plan your trip so it covers post-op and recovery time. We would advise against traveling during your initial healing phase, because of the increased odds of developing deep-vein thrombosis, or other complications. Make sure we are completely aware of your medical history and have access to your personal physician too, if at all possible.

Contact us here at Janiga MDs if you would like to learn more about our own World Class service, and what a wonderful city we’ve chosen to locate our practice in. We will arrange a phone consultation with Dr. Timothy Janiga at your mutual convenience.

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