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Dr. Timothy Janiga Nationally Recognized by The American Institute of Plastic Surgeons

Dr. Timothy Janiga Nationally Recognized by The American Institute of Plastic Surgeons

As many of our clients may already be aware, Dr. Timothy Janiga is a technically-gifted plastic surgeon, dedicated to producing only the best results. In addition to his highly respected credentials, Dr. Janiga is also an incredibly nurturing physician, who treats each of his patients as if they were family and not just a mere procedure.

That is why we at Janiga MDs are proud to announce that our office has been nationally recognized for being the best in terms of quality of service as well as customer satisfaction.

Dr. Timothy Janiga recently accepted an award presented by the American Institute of Plastic Surgeons (AIOPS) as one of their 2016 10 Best Plastic Surgeons in Nevada for Client Satisfaction.

The AIOPS is a third-party rating organization that publishes an annual list of the top 10 plastic surgeons by state. Surgeons who are selected to appear on the list must pass a rigorous selection process, which is based on patient/peer nominations, thorough research and AIOPS’s own independent evaluation. The annual list was created as a resource to help guide patients during their surgeon selection process.

One of the most significant aspects of the selection process involves the evaluation of a surgeon’s relationship with or reputation among his or her patients. As patients should be a surgeon’s top priority, the AIOPS places the utmost emphasis on selecting surgeons who have achieved significant success in the field of plastic surgery without sacrificing service and customer support.

At Janiga MDs, we take great pride in producing work that is not only of the highest quality but which helps each of our clients to achieve their own desired results. We are proud of Dr. Janiga and all that he has accomplished within the field of plastic surgery, and congratulate him on his most recent achievement.

To schedule your private one-on-one consultation with Dr. Timothy Janiga call our Reno office at 775-398-4600 or emailing us today.

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