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Patient Stories – Valerie’s Facelift Surgery

Patient Stories – Valerie’s Facelift Surgery

We pride ourselves on creating positive, lasting relationships with our patients at Janiga MDs. That’s why I’m so excited to share the below story from one of our real patients, Valerie, who recently underwent a facelift with me and agreed to share her story.

I was nearing my 60’s when I first had the idea to look into plastic surgery in Reno. I was happy, healthy and fit but my face looked tired … even though I didn’t feel tired at all! What I wanted to accomplish was an age appropriate refreshed look to match how great I was feeling.

I had a lot of consults and met a lot of women/men that had facelifts. I did not want a too tight look and nothing “quick” for me. I was terrified of having what I refer to as joker mouth. Again I wanted refreshed and age appropriate. I have grandchildren for goodness sakes!

I had read an article on Dr. Timothy Janiga and his accomplishments at UNR Medical School…top of his class, caring, kind. He and his fabulous wife, Dr. Jennifer Janiga, had just opened their own private plastic surgery and dermatology practice in Reno.

I booked a consultation and was so impressed! Dr. Tim listened and was very realistic and straightforward on what he could do and what I should expect. I was not rushed in anyway during our appointment. I called to ask more questions and he returned my calls in a very timely manner. I probably asked some odd questions but he never made me feel like they were silly.

I felt a mix of emotions before my Facelift Procedure. On one hand, I was excited about how it would bring my youthful feeling to the surface, but of course I also felt a bit apprehensive and quite frankly, a bit selfish, knowing I was electing to do surgery for aesthetic reasons.  Throughout the emotions I was having, I just kept telling myself that I knew Dr. Tim and my anesthesiologist were excellent and had a great surgery center.  I was ready!

The confidence that I had in Dr. Tim helped make my surgery experience a breeze. The first day after surgery is always difficult and I felt some pressure in my head. Thankfully, when I saw Dr. Tim the next day, he removed some of my bandages and I felt immediate relief!

By day three in my facelift surgery recovery, I had stopped taking any pain meds at all. I had some swelling, but Dr. Tim told me this was normal and would regress quickly. I was seeing great results already and was amazed at how quickly I was healing.

Now that I am totally healed, I have to say; I have never felt as amazing as I do now in my 60’s. My family is raised, I am happy, healthy and now my face reflects that too! Again, my goal was to look refreshed, age appropriate. I never expected to look 10 years younger, but I do!

Facelift Before and After

And now I am seeing Dr. Jennifer, who takes excellent care of my skin, which is the icing on the cake! Between Dr. Timothy Janiga and Dr. Jennifer Janiga, I have never looked or felt better about myself.

Thank you Dr. Tim and Dr. Jennifer. How fortunate Reno is to have you both! And by the way, I went back to Dr. Tim for a breast lift! Oh my gosh, incredible! More on that next time.

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