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The Best Way To Treat Dark Circles Under The Eyes

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The Best Way To Treat Dark Circles Under The Eyes

One of the most common concerns for patients in my practice is dark circles under the eyes.  Most people don’t think anything can be done for this problem.  There are a number of ways to treat these but, as technology has advanced so has our definition of beauty. Years ago the trend was to remove fat from underneath the eyes to treat that baggy look that starts to happen as we get older.  With the advent of fillers, a new era in treating under eye circles has emerged.

One of the best lectures I attended at the AAD was about the different ways the face ages. The skin begins to lose its tightness and sag slightly. The bones in the face change shape causing an elongation in a previously round and youthful face. Also, the natural volume that we have when we are young begins to decrease and fall. All three of these factors contribute to changes around the eyes. We can treat the skin laxity with specific lasers and can use filler to reshape the boney changes and give back some of that volume that has been lost over time.

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