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The Perfect Centerpiece, Your Nose

The Perfect Centerpiece, Your Nose

The Eyes Don’t Always Have It

Although the eyes have historically been referred to as the ‘windows to our soul’, it is the nose that truly defines the shape of your face. A nose has character, it can be round and bulbous, narrow and aquiline, it can be crooked or have bumps across the bridge and the slopes are as varied as snowflakes. Each nose is perhaps a masterpiece in and of itself; however, we don’t always appreciate the masterpiece we have and generally long for the kind of nose we see in our minds as ‘pretty’ or ‘cute’, often referred to as the ‘button’ variety.

The Nose Knows

There are functional reasons to have plastic surgery on your nose (also called a Rhinoplasty). Often this procedure can repair damage that was done during sporting activities, whether straightening a broken nose that has healed with a hook, or shaving down a bump from years of wearing glasses, even to reducing or eliminating the consistently obnoxious snore created by a deviated septum during sleep.

How will YOU know?

Your nose generally sits in the center of your face, and it is often the focal point of someone’s features. Why not make it something you enjoy looking at? You have the right to look in the mirror and see what makes you happy looking back. Whether your nose suffers from a functional issue or you would just like it to look different, Janiga MDs can help.

Dr. Timothy Janiga can provide you with a realistic expectation for the outcome of your rhinoplasty during your one on one consultation where he will answer any questions you have about how the procedure is performed, the recovery time, costs and even before and after photos, if you would like to see them. Call today to set your appointment.

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