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Top Three Patient Transformations

Top Three Patient Transformations

When it comes to plastic surgery, often, seeing is believing. With that in mind, we decided to do a quick round up of some of our amazing cosmetic surgery transformations to share on today’s blog post.

1. Facelift and Fat Grafting

Fat Grafting Reno Facelift Reno

This patient received a transformative facelift and fat grafting. The facelift incision was made in front and behind her ear to give her a face and neck lift. Look how smooth and tight the neck area looks after.

The fat grafting was done around the mouth to help the fine lines in the nasabial folds to decrease their prominence, and to the cheeks and lips to give back that youthful and fuller look.

2. Nose job or Rhinoplasty

Nose Job Reno

A nose job or rhinoplasty can be performed for completely cosmetic reasons and also at times for breathing and structural issues. In this photo you can see the dramatic difference in the before-and-after in the shape of this patient’s nose.

Dr. Timothy Janiga improved the appearance of the top of the nose down to the tip, which has been raised and repositioned giving her face a completely different appearance.

3. Tummy Tuck

Tummy Tuck Reno

This woman had a few children and she was back to her pre-pregnancy weight, but was unable to get her tummy to be flat again.  The muscles in her abdomen had spread open with her pregnancies and in addition to a small amount of skin to be removed, she needed the stomach muscles tightened down the middle, this is called the diastases.

The tummy tuck procedure allowed the skin that had been stretched with pregnancies to be removed. It also repaired the diastases, which allowed her to have her waistline back. The scar is very low across her lower abdomen and is covered with most bathing suits and underwear. The recovery for a tummy tuck is between 2-6 weeks with restrictions on lifting more than 20 pounds for the full 6 weeks.

You can see many more of our patient before and after photos on our website. If you’re interested in your own transformation, call us any time to set up a consultation in our South Reno plastic surgery office.

~ Dr. Timothy Janiga

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