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What is an In-Office Facelift?

What is an In-Office Facelift?

How is an In-Office Facelift different?

This procedure is done in our Reno office by Dr. Timothy Janiga under local anesthesia only. In contrast, a standard facelift is done under general anesthesia in an operating room.

How is the procedure performed?

This procedure corrects the early signs of facial aging in the mid and lower face, the nasolabial folds (laugh lines), and the jowl area. The incisions are made in front of the ear just as with standard facelift surgery. A portion of the skin is removed and the skin and underlying structures are elevated to a more youthful position. Care is taken to hide the incisions within the contours of the ear as much as possible. The procedure itself takes about one and a half hours.

Why would I choose this type of procedure?

The In-Office Facelift is designed for people that would like to have a refreshed and natural look without having to go to the operating room. Because it is done under local anesthesia the recovery is much shorter and the risk and cost of general anesthesia is avoided.

General anesthesia risks and operating room staff and location expenses can add stress to your budget for this procedure or to your body for overcoming a general anesthetic. A local anesthetic can reduce the risks and overall recovery time; while an office visit greatly reduces the overall costs of having a standard facelift procedure.

Rejuvenate your face and neck without the significant cost and downtime of a traditional facelift. See Dr. Janiga for your personal consultation and to see if the In-Office Facelift is right for you. We also have before and after photos that will help you see the difference that this procedure can make for you.

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