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Breast Surgery: Boob Job, to you. Augmentation to us.

Breast Surgery: Boob Job, to you. Augmentation to us.

A “Boob Job” can make a real difference in a woman’s life.

It’s no surprise that more and more women are opting for surgery on their breasts, these days. And the reasons behind augmentation aren’t always about aesthetics or cosmetics. Many women can attach their self image to their perceived body image, consciously or subconsciously, and suffer needlessly. Asymmetrical breasts, where one side is even just half a cup-size smaller, can also affect how a woman views herself. The emotional and psychological benefits which Dr. Janiga sees everyday, are a large part of why he became a Plastic Surgeon. He treats his patient’s minds, as well as their breasts.

Dr. Janiga has been trained to recognize the burdensome mental & emotional factors involved with negative body image, and helps patients achieve a healthier outlook on their lives. Many women who undergo the “Boob Job,” rate the decision as one of the best  they could make for themselves.

Reconstructive surgery for women with breast cancer.

Women who have undergone a mastectomy, can see  reconstruction as a step towards regaining their sense of self worth. A mastectomy can serve as a reminder of the treatments she’s had to endure. Reconstructive breast surgery can help reduce the psychological trauma, and help a woman regain her emotional balance.

Women from every walk of life are getting Boob Jobs.

Breast augmentation surgery is no longer just the purview of the Hollywood actress or New York model. Right here in Reno, women are getting boob jobs as college graduation, birthday and anniversary gifts; as a self-reward for reaching personal or professional goals, and sometimes just because. An 83-year-old woman had a breast augmentation, just to “keep up with the kids.”

The surgery itself only takes an hour or two.

A simple boob job is generally performed right here in our Reno outpatient surgery center, under general anesthesia. A small, easily hidden incision is made under the crease of the breast, under the armpit or around the bottom of the areola. The placement and size of the incision depending of course, on the specifics of each surgery. You can expect about an hour in surgery, followed by an hour of recovery time. You can go back to work in as little as 5 days, depending on how well you heal and what you do, with the full results expected in about three months.

Come see for yourself.

If you would like the opportunity to speak with Dr. Janiga personally, so he can discuss your expectations, show you a wide array of “before & after” pictures and get all of your questions answered, please call us at 775-398-4600 today. We want you to have all the facts, so you’re completely comfortable with your decision, no matter what kind of surgery you might be contemplating.