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Cheek Implants Help Balance Facial Features

Cheek Implants Help Balance Facial Features

Cheek Implants Create Balanced Facial Contours

Cheek Implants and Facial Implants are valuable Cosmetic Surgery procedures for creating or restoring desirable contours of the face, which helps strengthen and balance facial features. Whether you were born with flat rather than full cheekbones, or have lost cheek volume due to aging, cheek augmentation adds volume to replace a gaunt, aged look with the appearance of full, strong cheekbones.

Cheek Implants Can Be Custom Tailored for Your Individual Needs

The art and science of facial implant cosmetic surgery offers an array of options to plastic surgeons like Dr. Timothy Janiga. Cheek Implants come in multiple sizes and shapes to match your anatomy and desired results. The latest technology in facial implants uses materials that make them safer and more malleable, so that they lend themselves more readily to custom shaping. Injectable implants are available as well, though they may be less permanent, thus requiring multiple repeat treatments.

Cheek Implant & Augmentation Plastic Surgery: What to Expect

Dr. Janiga will use inconspicuous places, like a small incision at the gum line, as the insertion points for your cheek implants. There are various implant options available depending on your specific needs, and he will discuss the entire procedure with you, to ensure that you are prepared and comfortable with every step taken. You can expect to return to work within 7 to 10 days, with full results visible within 3 months.

Come Visit Janiga MDs for a Complimentary Consultation at our Reno/Tahoe Office

Cheek augmentation is commonly performed at the same time as other procedures, like chin augmentation or a face lift. Please contact us to schedule a consultation with Dr. Timothy Janiga in the comfort of our Reno office to discuss the cheek implant options that would work best for you.

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