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Forget the Dad Bod. Let’s Have a Do-Over.

Forget the Dad Bod. Let’s Have a Do-Over.

What is the so-called “Dad Bod”? This is a physique that features a prominent beer belly and a generally softer, plumper look. For a short time, the Dad Bod was all the rage on social media, and then the Dad Bod fad was over almost before it began.

For those of us that don’t have fitness instructors in our pockets, it’s not so easy. Years of sedentary office work, the stress of raising children, and the grinding effects of middle age all combine to give many men a natural Dad Bod along with other normal signs of aging. Fortunately, it’s becoming increasingly acceptable for men have plastic surgery. According to the American Society of Plastic Surgery, men now account for more than 15 percent of cosmetic surgical procedures, with some procedures rising as much as 30 percent in popularity in the past decade. If you’re considering plastic surgery for a second chance at your ideal body, then here’s what to know about your options.

What is a Daddy Do-Over?

At Janiga MDs, we’ve performed many Mommy Makeovers throughout the years. These include breast lift and augmentation with tummy tucks. Now, we’d like to introduce the Daddy Do-Over. Tailored for men seeking to keep their competitive edge in the workplace and for those simply hoping to look as young as they feel, the Daddy Do-Over consists of any combination of plastic surgery procedures for men. In fact, many men even opt for non-surgical procedures as part of their package.

Your Daddy Do-Over Options

The best part about the Daddy Do-Over is that it’s customizable to your unique needs. Let’s look at some of these procedures a little more closely.

Chest Contouring

Chest Contouring can be done with a combination of liposuction and fat grafting to give the chest a more masculine and chiseled look.

Male Breast Reduction

This is usually a popular option for men who have undergone significant weight loss. This usually results in excess skin, although male breast reduction is also effective for men who have enlarged breasts because of fat or breast tissue. It can easily achieve a more defined and masculine look.

High-Definition Liposuction

This is a great way to combat love handles and create definition in the abdominal muscles. Liposuction is particularly useful in men who are close to their ideal weight and would like to spot-reduce stubborn fat that doesn’t respond to diet and exercise. The results are long-lasting and great for putting the finishing touches on your weight loss.

Tummy Tuck

A tummy tuck is an excellent option for both men and women. For men, tummy tucks are usually performed after weight loss surgery where there is a significant amount of redundant skin and tissue to be removed. Additionally, it can tighten stretched muscles as a result of weight gain for a tighter, more toned look.

Jawline and Neck Reshaping

Improving the look of the neck and jawline is a common goal for many men. As they age, laxity increases in the neck, resulting in a double chin. We often perform FaceTite, neck lifts or chin liposuction to help restore the neck to its original appearance. Additionally, a chiseled, masculine look is also preferred by many men who seek out plastic surgery options.

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The Daddy Do-Over is an increasingly popular procedure. Whether you’re a CEO at the top of your game, a man who has lost a significant amount of weight, or a man who wants to stay in the game a little longer than originally planned, Dr. Timothy Janiga will evaluate your concerns and goals and help you choose the best combination of procedures for you. Schedule a consultation today and start kicking that Dad Bod to the curb for good.

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