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What is Chest Contouring?

If you’ve ever done pushup after pushup and only to be disappointed by the results, you’re not alone. Many men have difficulty obtaining definition in their chest or pectoral region. Fortunately, there’s chest contouring, a procedure offered by Janiga MDs for men looking to improve the definition in their chest muscles. It can help create the athletic, chiseled look that men seek.

The Procedure

Dr. Timothy Janiga performs chest contouring at a Reno outpatient surgery center. The procedure can involve removing excess tissue around the male breast by employing liposuction with or without skin tightening. Some male chest contouring may also utilize fat grafting to enhance certain areas, giving a more defined male chest.

Chest contouring establishes a more contoured look, making the chest look more defined while reducing and shaping into a more pleasing appearance. When Dr. Janiga performs male liposuction and chest contouring, he makes small port sites around the areola to mask the appearance of scars. In cases of significant weight loss, Dr. Janiga may need to do extra and tighten the skin. Each patient’s needs are unique.

Some patients may be candidates for BodyTite™, or minimally-invasive radio-frequency assisted lipolysis, with their chest contouring. With minimal incisions and very little scarring, BodyTite™ can help tighten men’s skin without surgery.

"Dr. Janiga is an awesome surgeon and his staff is great. Always very happy to be in their office." - LE


Schedule a Consultation

Dr. Janiga will consult and customize a treatment plan considering your expectations regarding chest contouring, BodyTite and liposuction. For more information, or to set up a consultation with Dr. Timothy Janiga  in our Reno Plastic Surgery offices, please send us an email or call 775-364-0224.


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