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Can Facelifts Help In Job Search and Career Advancement?

Can Facelifts Help In Job Search and Career Advancement?

Can looking younger improve my career opportunities?

Whether looking for a finance career on Wall Street in New York, or a gaming management gig on Virginia St. in Reno, a facelift can help people look younger, more alert and at the top of their job search. It can also give them the psychological advantage of greater self-confidence. In the competitive world of modern employment, it makes sense to find every edge available.

A facelift is a procedure which reverses the effects of time and gravity on the jowls, cheeks and chin, by tightening the deeper structures in order to impart a more youthful and natural appearance. The natural aging process or recent weight loss can leave excess skin in the face and neck, which a facelift can improve. A facelift is often performed alongside a brow lift and eyelid lift, and can use fat grafting to improve facial volume and bring back a more youthful visage. There is also an “in-office facelift” available, performed under local anesthesia, which is an in office version of a standard facelift.

Why do my eyes look so tired?

In today’s highly competitive employment environment, there tends to be a lot of emphasis on image, because it is assumed that image often speaks to self-confidence. If someone’s eyelids droop or their eyes are dark and puffy, you might perceive that to mean they lack the energy or vitality you’re looking for in an employee. Tightening & lightening the dark circles under the eyes alone, can take years off. People like to look as good as they feel during job interviews, and a procedure like a facelift can work wonders.

Established Careers can benefit from Facelifts, as well.

Any employment which requires a high level of competitiveness can also reap the benefits of a facelift. Sales people in virtually every field, Real Estate Professionals, Casino Gaming Dealers and anyone whose job puts them in sustained contact with the public, will likely reap a myriad of benefits: Renewed self-confidence, a more aesthetically pleasing look and the positive assumptions everyone naturally makes about people who appear as young and vital as they feel.

There is a never a better time to give your career a boost, than right now

Whether you’re looking for a better opportunity where you already work, or you just need an edge landing that dream job, a simple facelift can give you the confidence you need to knock it out of the park. We here at Janiga MDs are dedicated to helping you look and feel your very best. Contact us right now, and lets discuss the many options you have available to give yourself the winning edge.

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