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Stay Dry This Summer with The Help of miraDry

Stay Dry This Summer with The Help of miraDry

There’s lots to look forward to as the seasons start to change. With its longer, warmer days, summer is the ideal time to get out and enjoy yourself. That is, unless you suffer from excessive sweating. And let’s be honest, nothing can put a damper on your summer plans quite like underarm sweat and odor. But what if we told you it didn’t have to be that way? At Janiga MDs, we offer a simple solution to all your perspiration problems. Introducing miraDry.

miraDry is an in-office treatment that reduces sweating, odor and hair growth by up to 80 percent from the underarm region. Compared with BOTOX®, which requires multiple treatments and can cost over $1,000 per visit, miraDry is simple and straightforward. miraDry is the ideal solution for almost everybody, including both men and women suffering from excessive sweating and odor, avoiding deodorant due to aluminum chloride exposure, or even those who have had laser hair removal in their underarms.

The procedure lasts about one hour with little to no discomfort during or even after. To begin, a grid is placed in the underarm area, followed by anesthesia. Each underarm takes about 15-45 minutes to complete. On average, roughly 90 percent of patients see significant, long-lasting results after just one session and can resume exercising within a few days of their procedure.

If the fear of increased sweating in other locations of your body due to miraDry have you concerned, not to worry. Sweat glands found in the underarm are of a specific type and not found throughout the rest of the body. And for this reason, your sweating will not increase as a result of the miraDry procedure.

If you’re ready to say goodbye to embarrassing underarm perspiration and odor for good, schedule your complimentary miraDry consolation with Janiga MDs by calling our office at 775-398-4600 or emailing us today.

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