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Q&A: How Effective Is miraDry?

Q&A: How Effective Is miraDry?

At Janiga MDs, we’ve treated our first few patients with miraDry. We’re happy to report that they’re getting great results and providing us with valuable feedback. Following is a Q&A of some of the more common questions we’re getting about this revolutionary new procedure for profuse underarm sweating.

What is miraDry?

miraDry is an in-office treatment that decreases sweating, hair and odor of the underarms by up to 80 percent with just one treatment. The procedure takes one to two hours and gives great, lasting results. Compared with Botox, which requires treatments every nine months and can cost over $1,000 per session, miraDry is a great alternative for almost anybody. Roughly 10 percent of patients require a second treatment to attain their desired outcome, but in most cases, miraDry results in a significant decrease after just one treatment, with lasting, long-term effects.

How does miraDry procedure work?

The procedure starts with us mapping out the underarm for treatment followed by the injection of anesthesia. Once the anesthesia is injected, most people will lack sensation in the underarm area for the rest of the procedure. In fact, we encourage you to bring in your headphones and relax during your treatment by listening to favorite music. miraDry is an outpatient procedure and most people should be fine to drive right after treatment.

How soon will I notice a change with miraDry?

After the treatment is complete, you’ll notice an immediate decrease in sweating and odor. Visible reduction in hair will take about three months to notice. You may experience some mild discomfort for a few weeks following the treatment, but results should be noticeable right away.

Who is a good candidate for miraDry?

Many types of patients are ideal candidates for miraDry, with the most obvious being a person who suffers from excessive sweating. If the constant sweat rings on your shirt are affecting your day-to-day life, miraDry is the ideal treatment for you. Odor is the second most common reason people seek relief with miraDry. With a significant reduction in sweat and odor, most people don’t even need to wear deodorant following treatment. Another group of patients miraDry appeals to are those who don’t want to wear deodorant due to the risk of being exposed to aluminum chloride.

Will I sweat in another location by decreasing my underarm sweat with miraDry?

The short answer here is no; you will not start to sweat more in other areas post-treatment. This is because the sweat glands in the underarm are of a specific type that is not commonly found in other areas of the body, besides the groin. For example, sweating that occurs on the forehead is produced by a different type of sweat gland than the underarm area. For this reason, your sweating will not increase in other locations with miraDry.

Are men good candidates for miraDry?

Because miraDry reduces hair by 60 percent, I’m often asked whether it is recommended for men. The answer is that men are great candidates for this procedure. Post-treatment, most men will notice a slight decrease in the density of their hair. But because they tend to have more underarm hair to begin with, the result of miraDry is more a thinning of the hair, rather than experiencing large sections of underarm hair loss.

Can you have the miraDry procedure if you’ve had laser hair removal in your underarms?

Absolutely. The follicle openings in the underarm are still visible after undergoing laser hair removal, and a lack of hair will not restrict you from experiencing the same results.

Can you have this procedure done on other locations of the body besides the underarm area?

The most common question I am asked is whether miraDry can be done on other locations of the body, like the hands. Unfortunately, the answer is no. Currently, this procedure cannot be done in other locations such as the hands or feet or face. However, we understand that the hands will be the next treatment area available, so stay tuned!

Ready to discover whether you’re a candidate for miraDry? Call our office at 755-398-4600 or use our online scheduling request form to arrange your complimentary consultation for miraDry and be sweat free this summer and beyond.

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