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Top Five Anti-Aging Procedures that Pack Big Bang for Your Buck

Top Five Anti-Aging Procedures that Pack Big Bang for Your Buck

Many times I hear that patients assume they can’t afford anti-aging treatments with a dermatologist. The truth is there are a wide variety of anti-aging treatments that provide big results for a wallet-friendly cost.

Here are my top five treatments that pack big bang for your buck.

1. Chemical Peels – $125 – $750, depending on which you choose. By exfoliating the top layers of the skin with chemicals, the fine lines, sun spots, scarring and pores are removed or at least diminished, thereby enhancing the skin’s overall appearance. The elimination of these superficial skin layers also allows for more effective penetration of other products such as retinoids, growth factors and antioxidants.

Ideally, chemical peels should be done once a month and they are a very affordable anti-aging treatment at $85 – $185 per session or somewhat less if a series is purchased.

2. Botox – $150 – $400. Botox or a similar injectable product like Dysport or Jeuveau, are safe, affordable, simple and fast in-office procedures that reduce or even eliminate wrinkles and fine lines.

The most common sites for these injections are between the eyes, around the eyes, the infamous crow’s feet, and on the forehead.  The cost is based on the amount of solution injected, with the average fee for treating typical crow’s feet being between $200-$350, treating the lines between the eyes between $200-$300, and treating the more extensive forehead wrinkles between $300-$400.

3. Dermal Fillers- $525 – $800. Juvéderm® and Restylane® are two brand name dermal fillers which, like other injectable cosmetic products,  are quickly and safely administered in office. These treatments are also cost effective, delivering big bang for the buck. These products are generally used to fill in the lines and reduce the laxity of the skin in common areas such as the folds between the cheeks and mouth, lips, and chin. The cost is between $525 to $800 per syringe.

4. Dermaplaning – $100. This inexpensive procedure provides the benefits of exfoliation as well as removal of the fine hair that many of us have on our faces. It is generally used in tandem with another procedure, such as lasers or a chemical peel.

5. IPL – $500 – $750. IPL stands for intense pulsed light, and is a laser designed to treat visible blood vessels as well as red spots and brown spots associated with sun damage. Most patients will see a marked improvement in their skin’s appearance with just one to two treatments. Each ILP session takes about 30-45 minutes and costs $350.

Looking your best doesn’t have to cost a ton. With these five anti-aging treatments, you can improve your skin’s appearance while not breaking the bank.

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