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How to Know if You Need Revision Plastic Surgery

How to Know if You Need Revision Plastic Surgery

Recently there has been a lot of buzz regarding the reality TV show called “Botched”.  We have had a lot of patients and friends talking about the show and whether or not we have seen the severe cases that they portray on this television show in our own practice.

We try to calm their concerns, but reminding them that, as we all know, television programs are for entertainment purposes and as a result are an exaggerated form of real life.

In our offices, we do see patients who come to us for help revising a cosmetic surgery they are unhappy with. While the cases are not as extreme as what you see on T.V., there are situations where revision plastic surgery has had great outcomes for patients.

If you’ve had a previous cosmetic surgery procedure done and are wondering if you may need revision plastic surgery, here are four questions to ask yourself.

1. Are you unhappy with the outcome of your procedure? If you are happy with your outcome you probably do not need a revision.

2. Are in any pain or discomfort? Sometimes this can be a reason why a revision surgery might be needed.

3. Is there something you would have done different?  Gone smaller or larger with a breast augmentation for example.  You may wish that you had asked for something a little different that you originally did.

4. Has your body changed since your procedure?  If you had a breast augmentation and then had children, you may now want the breasts lifted and the implant exchanged for a different size.

There are many reasons that patients could want cosmetic surgery revised, most reasons are normal and not even remotely as sensational as what is seen on TV. If you would like an expert opinion on possibly revising a previous cosmetic procedure, call and make a consultation appointment and we will talk about your specific desires and outcomes.

~ Dr. Timothy Janiga

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