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CoolSculpting the Fat Away

CoolSculpting the Fat Away

CoolSculpting® is the most popular cold-based fat reduction and sculpting procedure available. We are proud to announce that here at Janiga MDs we have the most advanced CoolSculpting® technology. With dual sculpting and the new, fastest applicators, treatment times are shorter while improving results. It’s a no-brainer with this advanced technology.

Who could have imagined that popsicles would be the key that unlocked a revolutionary new way to shed fat? That’s exactly what happened when a pair of Harvard scientists noticed that children eating popsicles and ice cream treats inexplicably lost pockets of fat in their cheeks after eating the frozen goodies.

Scientists Dieter Manstein and R. Rox Anderson observed that when children ate certain frozen treats, their cheeks developed dimples. Eventually, the researchers discovered that the freezing temperatures of the food caused the body to eliminate and shed small pockets of fat. Fast forward a few years and you’ll find that the idea of cold targeting fat cells has gone mainstream with the advent of CoolSculpting®, a procedure offered at Janiga MDs.

Also known as “fat freezing,” CoolSculpting® uses the science of Cryopolysis to remove stubborn body fat that resists your best efforts to diet and exercise the pounds away. This procedure is designed to isolate and eliminate fat in the abdominal area, flank fat pads, inner and outer thighs, upper abdomen and even bra fat or the roll underneath the buttocks. Over the course of a couple of months, your body continues to shed the fat, offering long-lasting results for a more toned physique. The best news is that CoolSculpting® treatment requires no incisions or surgery and can be performed in a single office visit to Janiga MDs.

When you come in for your complimentary customized consultation, you will be evaluated by a trained CoolSculpting® provider. A customized treatment plan will be discussed with you for your CoolSculpting® transformation. On the day of your CoolSculpting® treatment, zones will be mapped out on your body. The applicators are placed in those zones and each treatment area lasts 35 to 45 minutes. With dual sculpting you are able to treat two separate areas at the same time in most circumstances. A massage will be performed on the area treated after your treatment. You will have the ability to return to work that same day if you would like.

At Janiga MDs we pride ourselves on having the most advanced technology and CoolSculpting® is no different. We have the most advanced applicators and dual sculpting technology available for you so you can treat both sides of the body at the same time.

Want to know if you’re a good candidate for CoolSculpting®? We’ll work with you to customize a treatment plan after discussing your goals and expectations. Schedule a consultation in our Reno/Tahoe office to get started.

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