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Men and the Changing Face of Plastic Surgery

Men and the Changing Face of Plastic Surgery

Plastic Surgery for Men | Janiga MDs

More and more, men are turning to plastic surgery. In fact, according to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, 2015 was the first time that men accounted for more than 40 percent of breast reduction procedures in the United States.

You’ve come a long way, guys.

Here at Janiga MDs, we’ve seen this trend evolve over the years. More men than ever are now willing to consider the option of plastic surgery from nose jobs to tummy tucks and everything in between. Today, we’ll look at the top five procedures we’re seeing in our male patients.

Rhinoplasty for Men

Call it a rhinoplasty or call it a nose job. Whatever your preference, Janiga MDs offers two varieties of this procedure to help correct a deviated septum or address cosmetic concerns. The first is an open rhinoplasty that is done through a small incision under the nose. This procedure helps with bulbous tips, deviation, and asymmetrical nostrils.

The closed rhinoplasty is a less invasive procedure that is usually done through the nostrils and leaves no external scars. Common reasons for a closed rhinoplasty include crookedness and dorsal hump abnormalities. A consultation with me will determine which is best for you.

Liposuction for Men

By removing excess fat, liposuction helps you shed those pesky, proverbial “last five pounds” that just don’t seem to budge, despite your best attempts with diet and exercise. Liposuction is generally used on the inner and outer thighs, buttocks, lower belly, neck and chin, upper arms, and other areas of undesirable fat deposits. Meet with me to see if you’re a good candidate for lipo.

Gynecomastia for Men

As we mentioned in the beginning, men now make up 40 percent of all breast reduction surgeries, a 35 percent jump since 2000. ASPS credits this increase to a general acceptance of the procedure among men, who now view gynecomastia a viable solution for tightening and toning problem areas such as the breasts.

At Janiga MDs, we perform breast reduction surgery for men. The gynecomastia involves removing excess skin or fatty tissue after weight loss or gain. The procedure is short – approximately one to two hours long – with a recovery period of up to three weeks. The result? A tighter, more toned chest that you’ll be proud to show off in summer.

Tummy Tucks for Men

Popular with moms as part of our Mommy Makeover, tummy tucks are a trend that men are getting in on, too. Janiga MDs offers full and mini tummy tucks, with one procedure moving the belly button and removing more skin and while the other is less invasive and removes a smaller amount of excess skin. Which one is best for you? This can be determined in a consultation with me. In both cases, guys are looking at a three-week recovery time with downtime of up to six weeks before returning to strenuous activities.

Facelifts for Men

Facelifts help reverse the visible effects of age, gravity, and weight loss. The procedure works by removing excess skin in the face and neck, which tend to be the first areas to show visible signs of aging.

The great news about facelifts is that it can be performed in our Reno offices under local anesthesia. More extensive facelifts are done in a local surgical center using general anesthesia. Not only does a facelift give you a rejuvenated look, but it can also reduce sagging skin on the neck. Opt for a full or mini facelift, depending on your personal needs.

If you’re a man contemplating plastic surgery, talk to the dedicated and experienced team at Janiga MDs. As an award-winning, board certified physician, I will listen to your needs and work up a game plan to help make you look your absolute best.

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