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24 Hour Breast Enlargement – How Does it Work?

24 Hour Breast Enlargement – How Does it Work?

Recently a patient in our Reno plastic surgery office asked me about a segment she saw on Good Morning America about a 24-hour breast enlargement. The segment highlighted a new treatment protocol coming out of New York City that promises women an instant breast enlargement with no down time, but that only lasts 24 hours.

After watching the video and investigating a bit, I determined that the treatment essentially is saline being infused into the breast tissue for a temporary increase in bust size. Saline is the normal fluid that we use when we put an IV in a patient at the hospital or emergency room and is a safe substance in and of itself.

As noted in the video, the cost of this procedure in New York City is approximately $2,500. The saline will last in the breast tissue for about 24 hours, and then will diffuse to the rest of the body and be absorbed.  The saline itself should not cause any problems in the body when it diffuses to be absorbed.

Women in the segment said they paid the hefty price tag in order to get a boost in breast size for a special occasion like a vacation or night out. Others used the temporary enlargement to experiment with size before undergoing breast augmentation surgery. Indeed, if a 24-hour improvement in bust size is what you are looking for, this procedure would work nicely.

Of course, with any procedure there is a risk of infection when you cut the skin to insert the fluid, but overall this procedure is safe if performed under a sterile atmosphere and by experienced hands.  One word of caution however, when you insert anything into the breast you do create scar tissue and therefore, multiple and repeated procedures such as this could increase the scar tissue in your breast.

If you are interested in Reno breast augmentation, call our offices to set up a consultation. We can discuss your long term (or temporary!) goals and set up a treatment plan that’s right for you.

~ Dr. Timothy Janiga

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