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Skin Care Tips: Keep Your Skin Healthy While Fighting Aging

Many of Dr. Jennifer Janiga’s dermatology patients will come in for skin checks, rashes, skin cancer, or cosmetic reasons, but the common thing they all want to know is what they can do to care for their skin, and which of the hundreds of advertised products should they use.  Dr. Janiga’s answer is simple: the products and skin care practices backed by science and research.


5 “Must Do” mainstays of topical treatment for anti-aging and looking your best at any age.

1. Hydrate Your Skin

Dr. Janiga says, “If I could make this numbers 1-5, I would.”  Hydrated skin is more youthful, plumper, and in general less wrinkly.  The easiest way to take years off of your face is to get a great night cream.  This is true for the body, too, but for the body you want to do your main moisturizing after you get out of the shower.

2. Use Sunscreen Daily

People always want to know what products to use to help with wrinkles and age spots.  Dr. Janiga tells them that first and foremost they need a sunscreen to protect them from more damage.  SPF >30 should be used on the face, neck,  and the “v” of the chest on a daily basis, even in the summer as our wonderful city of Reno is sunny 360 days a year and at over 4000 feet elevation.

3. Use a Retinoid Product

Although retinoids can make you dry (see #1), they are known to build collagen, help fine lines, shrink pore size and even tone and texture.  There are many types of retinoids from mild ones that you can buy over the counter, prescription strength ones, and those in between. Meet with Dr. Jennifer Janiga or Darci Page, NP to find out if and what type of retinoid is best for you.

4. Use Antioxidants

These are the little dynamos that “eat up” all the bad stuff we come in contact with during the day.  They take up free radicals, sun damage and can improve the look of the skin.  There are many antioxidants out there from Vitamin C and E to coffee berry and green tea.  The science here is rapidly changing so meet with Dr. Jennifer Janiga or Darci Page, NP to see what the best antioxidant is for your skin.

 5. Growth Factors: The Gold Standard of Skin Therapy

Growth Factors are the latest and greatest when it comes to topical therapies for skin.  They help the parts of the skin that build collagen, improve fine lines, sunspots, and tone of the skin, as well as smoothing and tightening the skin.  These are the most expensive of the products listed here, but are worth every penny.

If you use these five products as directed by Dr. Jennifer Janiga, you will be using the best available and best-researched ingredients available today.   Some of these can be drying to the skin, so you should always test a new product on a small area before applying to your entire skin to make sure you are not sensitive to any part of the topical formula.


"Dr Jennifer Janiga is 5stars in my mind. Always very professional and caring. I am a RN an refer her to all coworkers and friends." - CR

Get a Dermatology Check Up

Finally, always get a yearly skin check.  Dr. Jennifer Janiga can check your skin for sun damage and skin cancer and give you the best advice for your skin based on your exam.

For more information, or to set up a consultation with Dr. Jennifer Janiga for your skin evaluation in our Reno / Tahoe dermatology office, please send us an email or call 775-364-0224.

Appointment length varies but is usually not more than 15-30 minutes.


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