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What is Breast Revision?

Janiga MDs offers several types of breast revisions.

capsulectomy, also known as a full capsule removal, is the surgical procedure used to remove capsules that have formed around a patient’s breast implant. A capsulectomy from Janiga MDs is designed to remove the capsule and restore a more natural look to the breast.

Similarly, a capsulotomy is the surgical procedure used to open a capsule that has formed around an implant. The formation of these capsules typically follows a patient’s breast augmentation surgery and is a natural response by the body’s immune system to the presence of a foreign object. A capsulotomy is designed to restore a more natural look to the breast and relieve any discomfort it may be causing.

Janiga MDs also offers capsulorrhaphy breast revisions. Some patients who have previously undergone a breast augmentation may seek breast revision surgery. One of the most common reasons is the desire to replace their current implants with a smaller option. During a breast revision, the current capsule may need to be tightened with internal suturing, or capsulorrhaphy, and the skin is tightened or lifted to effectively hold the newer, smaller implant.

The Procedures

Dr. Timothy Janiga performs breast revisions in an outpatient surgery center using general anesthesia.

Capsulectomies involve making an incision along the original breast augmentation incisions, removing the implant, gently dissecting the capsule from the healthy tissue and replacing the implant with a new one. At times, your original implant can be used. But most commonly, it is replaced with a new one, the shape and size based on your preference. This procedure typically takes one to two hours with two hours of recovery time before going home.

With a capsulorrhaphy, a small one to two-inch incision is usually made in the fold underneath the breast and the original implant is then removed. The capsule is tightened with internal suturing to accommodate a new smaller implant. The new implant, chosen and discussed during your initial consultation with Dr. Janiga, will then be inserted into the resized capsule. If a breast lift is also needed, incision size and placement may be different. A capsulorrhaphy typically takes around two hours with two hours of post-surgery recovery time before going home.

Capsulotomies are also performed in an outpatient surgery center using general anesthesia. The procedure involves cutting through the scar tissue, opening the capsule and relieving any uncomfortable tension it may have been causing. This procedure typically takes two to three hours, with two hours of recovery time before going home.

"As a patient of both Dr. Jennifer and Tim Janiga, I have the utmost praise for the care I have received. They are fantastic at what they do. The attention to detail and going "above and beyond" is very much appreciated." - JB


Results & Recovery

With all breast revision surgeries, mild sensitivity and swelling are common and may last up to three weeks. You may return to work and mild activity between a few days and a week, depending on your procedure and your profession. With a capsulectomy and capsulotomy, you will notice a release in tension previously caused by the capsules pushing on the implant. In addition, breasts will appear more natural looking and feel softer after the procedure. For capsulorrhaphy patients, the new implants will have the smaller size that you desire.

Schedule a Consultation

We evaluate patients considering breast revisions in our Reno/Tahoe plastic surgery and cosmetic center. To arrange a consultation with Dr. Timothy Janiga, please send us an email or call 775-364-0224.


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