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Ear Shaping For Men

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What is Ear Shaping?

Over time, people who don’t like the look or shape of their ears develop ways to conceal them. For women, it’s easier to grow long hair to cover their ears, but many men choose to keep their hair shorter, making any cosmetic issues with their ears more prominent. For these men, ear shaping or otoplasty could be the answer.

Otoplasty surgery can improve the shape, position and proportion of the ear.  This will help bring balance and proportion to your ears and face, creating a more natural shape. This surgery is on the rise with men in the United States, with an 11 percent increase in procedures in a single year alone.  So, if your ears bother you, you are not alone.

The Otoplasty Surgery

For male patients, most ear pinning and ear reshaping are performed under local anesthesia in our Reno offices. Board certified plastic surgeon Dr. Timothy Janiga will perform your ear shaping surgery and he will take special care to conceal incisions. Expect downtime from ear shaping surgery to be minimal. In more extensive cases, patients may experience discomfort and downtime for up to a week. Dr. Janiga will also walk you through what to expect prior to the surgery in your initial consultation.

"Dr. Janiga is an awesome surgeon and his staff is great. Always very happy to be in their office." - LE



If you’re interested in learning more about otoplasty for men and would like to see if you’re a good candidate for this surgery, please contact us or call 775-364-0224 to schedule a consultation with Dr. Timothy Janiga today.


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