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The Procedure

During the procedure, you will wear eye protection, and an IPL device will be pressed to the treatment areas of the body, emitting a light that heats the collagen beneath the skin. This encourages the production of more collagen to help fill in lines and wrinkles on the face, as well as some acne scars. The laser light is also absorbed by capillaries, damaging and eliminating them from the skin for a smoother, more even complexion. The treatment is described as feeling like a rubber band being snapped against the skin with mild discomfort, however a cool gel is applied before treatment to help ensure a comfortable experience.

Dr. Jennifer is the best! There are lots of options in this area when it comes to Botox and fillers and some people are better than others at projecting the outcome. She is very straight forward, tells you exactly how much she will be doing, what the results will be and at what cost. I have referred her to many of my friends all to their delight. - Anonymous

IPL Treatment with Dr. Jennifer Janiga

Intense Pulsed Light laser treatments can be used for a variety of skin conditions.

At Janiga MDs, Dr. Timothy Janiga specializes in plastic surgery and Dr. Jennifer Janiga specializes in dermatology, giving their practice a unique, comprehensive perspective on their patients’ cosmetic needs in the Reno, Nevada area.

Results & Recovery

Following your IPL treatment for blood vessels, there is little to no downtime needed. Patients may feel as though they have a mild sunburn, which will subside within 24 hours. Hot water and prolonged sun exposure should be avoided for up to two days following the procedure to help ensure optimal results.

The number of treatment sessions may vary depending on your individual aesthetic goals. Most patients will need to undergo 2-6 treatments spaced four weeks apart. The length of your results will depend on the types of blemishes that area treated, as well as how large of an area that you wish to improve.


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