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Dr. Jennifer Janiga’s Clearing Up Skin Care

Dr. Jennifer Janiga’s Clearing Up Skin Care

Clearing up Skin Care

A no-nonsense guide to finding a routine that works, by Dr. Jennifer J. Janiga

About Dr. Jennifer Janiga

Dr. Jennifer Janiga is a board certified dermatologist specializing in cosmetic procedures like injectables, laser and energy treatments, and skin care. She attended medical school at the University of Nevada, Reno. With her years of experience, Dr. Janiga developed a refreshing approach to dermatology, emphasizing attentive listening for honest and straightforward care. Dr. Janiga doesn’t stop until she has discovered the unique solution to her patient’s skin concern.

The Story Behind Clearing up Skin Care

Dr. Jennifer Janiga knew she wanted to write Clearing up Skin Care early in her career when she was introduced to Claire, a woman who came to her with questions about her current skin care routine. Claire had recently purchased a somewhat pricy skin care package, which was working okay, but she wasn’t able to identify which of those products were doing the work. Dr. Janiga sat down with Claire to help her identify the ingredients that were right for her, instead of focusing on brand names. With a custom skin care routine just for her, Claire was able to eliminate and add products so that she was only using what works for her for a routine that she would be happy with for years to come.

Dr. Janiga is still influenced by this case almost 10 years later and it inspired her to help others like Claire find what really works for them. With so many brand name products and treatments available, it can be difficult and overwhelming for patients to identify what’s right for their skin type and concern. With her husband, board certified plastic surgeon Dr. Timothy Janiga, by her side, Dr. Jennifer Janiga wrote Clearing up Skin Care, a comprehensive guide to selecting the ingredients and treatments that are right for you, whether that’s topical products, injectables, lasers, or facial rejuvenation surgery.

What You Will Find

In Clearing up Skin Care, you will find everything you need to know about your skin and what works best for it! Clearing up Skin Care gets to the root of your skin concerns, helping you determine your skin type, understand the ingredients in your skin care products and what they do, and finally, helping you develop the skin care routine that will really work, while hopefully saving you stress, time, and money on the products that aren’t working.

Dr. Janiga understands that there are several different levels to skin care, depending on your age and the extent of your concerns. That’s why she developed “The Ladder” to help her patients understand where they’re at in terms of the age of their skin. At each rung is the level of attention patients need, starting with topical treatments and ending with surgical procedures. In Clearing up Skin Care, you can get a better idea of which rung you’re at, so you receive the right level of attention to achieve youthful looking skin no matter what your age says.

Finally, Dr. Janiga wants you to know how to choose a dermatologist or plastic surgeon to help you with your skin care routine and treatment. Plenty of physicians will offer skin care treatments, but choosing an experienced dermatologist or plastic surgeon will help ensure that you receive the specialized care you need. She will also clear up common questions and myths she hears about skin care, so you can finally get the honest answers you need.

Where to Purchase

Ready to clear up your skin care routine? You can purchase Dr. Jennifer Janiga’s new book, Clearing up Skin Care on Amazon. If you are in the Reno, Nevada area and need help customizing your skin care routine or treatment, contact Dr. Timothy Janiga or Dr. Jennifer Janiga today.