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What is miraDry?

Excessive underarm sweat is not only embarrassing, but it can take a toll on your social interactions, as well. Using precisely controlled heat-based energy, miraDry permanently and safely removes your underarm sweat and odor glands. The result is that your sweat output is greatly reduced in this area. miraDry eliminates underarm sweat and odor glands with immediate and permanent resul­­ts.

miraDry patients see an 80 percent or greater reduction in sweating as well as a reduction in odor. Traditional antiperspirants only give you a 20 percent reduction in sweating/odor. Usually, you can completely discontinue use of antiperspirants and deodorants after undergoing miraDry. For women, there is a 60 percent reduction in underarm hair. Men will still retain underarm hair after the procedure, but it may be thinner than before.

The Procedure

miraDry is a one-hour procedure with very little discomfort and near-immediate results. When you visit Janiga MDs for your procedure, you will have a grid placed in the axilla (the underarm area), followed by local anesthesia. Each armpit takes between 15-45 minutes to complete. After the procedure, the area and grid are cleaned and you’re free to go.

"Dr Jennifer Janiga is 5stars in my mind. Always very professional and caring. I am a RN an refer her to all coworkers and friends." - CR

miraDry Testimonial with Dr. Jennifer Janiga

miraDry is an excellent way to reduce and minimize excessive sweating.

At Janiga MDs, Dr. Timothy Janiga specializes in plastic surgery and Dr. Jennifer Janiga specializes in dermatology, giving their practice a unique, comprehensive perspective on their patients’ cosmetic needs in the Reno, Nevada area.

Recovery & Results

Generally, patients see results after only a single treatment, but we’ll work with you to determine a personalized course of treatment that maximizes your results. Patients usually can resume exercising within a few days of the miraDry treatment. miraDry treatments are performed in the Janiga MDs Reno offices and procedure generally takes about one hour per session. We ask that you to refrain from exercise and shaving your underarms for about a week. Otherwise, you may resume your normal activities right away.

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