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Acne: The Most Common Skin Condition in the U.S.

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Acne: The Most Common Skin Condition in the U.S.

Acne is No Longer Just a Teen Issue

Most people here in the Reno/Tahoe area feel that acne is a problem they left behind when they graduated high-school. Unfortunately, for a growing number of adults that is no longer the case. Incidents of acne in adults – particularly women – in their 30s, 40s and even 50s, is a growing concern.

Dermatologists still aren’t completely sure why this is happening, but the search for effective acne treatments is in high gear. Janiga MDs can provide appropriate treatments for your particular needs.

Acne is NOT Caused by Diet, Dirt, Behavior or Gender

If a person feels their Acne is a result of eating chocolate or any other particular food, they are certainly encouraged to avoid it in their diets. The root cause of Acne, however, lies with the oil glands of the skin. Oil production is primarily determined by hormonal changes, which is why acne is usually worse during adolescence. There are factors that can tend to aggravate or exacerbate the condition, like stress, infection, heat, friction, sweating, poor hygiene and certain medications.

Acne Has No Cure, But Excellent Treatments Are Available

Depending on the type and degree of Acne a person might be suffering from, there are a number of different options that can be pursued to help alleviate the symptoms. Despite advertisements to the contrary, effective acne treatments do NOT work “overnight.” Topical treatments often require 4 to 8 weeks of application before you see improvement. Once the acne clears, you will still have to continue to treat the skin to prevent breakouts.

Acne Help in Reno/Tahoe

A qualified dermatologist , like Dr. Jennifer Janiga, will be able to address symptoms of your Acne effectively, using treatments and medications to help lesions resolve faster and prevent scarring.

If you are suffering from Acne and you are well past your teens, or if your adolescent is suffering from painful or embarrassing outbreaks which harm their self esteem, please do not hesitate to contact us right away. Dr. Jennifer Janiga has a broad range of excellent solutions she can apply to the problem.