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Baby Boomers use Plastic Surgery to fight the effects of aging

Baby Boomers use Plastic Surgery to fight the effects of aging

Just because they have more experience behind their eyes, Baby Boomers don’t necessarily want it to show.

Plastic Surgery is often thought of as the purview of the young to middle aged. A tool used to balance features, enhance beauty or correct the possible damage caused by too much time in the Sun. What quite a few people don’t suspect, is that the Baby Boomers often take advantage of cosmetic procedures, to help counter the effects which aging can have on their appearance.

Baby Boomers are the children of the returning WWII soldiers, creating a population wave that swelled from 1945 through 1964. Their work habits and spending patterns have influenced, and even created, whole industries.

Baby Boomers are better positioned to afford plastic surgery.

Even as our economy was declining, it was the Baby Boomers who, having been in their homes and jobs longer, were better able to weather the storm. They most likely no longer have children living at home, and the bulk of their possessions tend to be paid for. That affords them the opportunity to indulge their desires a little more often, and plastic surgery to combat signs of aging seems to be high on that list.

Baby Boomers are far more likely to have cosmetic procedures, as apposed to corrective procedures.

Eye Lifts seem to be very popular, as well as Liposuction, Botox treatments, Neck Lifts and very occasionally, Breast Augmentation. Baby Boomers are not shy about wanting to look as young and vigorous as they feel, and the sheer size of the spending power they represent, has driven innovations and advancements in all of those procedures. Which, in turn, leads to improvements in every facet of plastic surgery. Younger generations who chose to take advantage of the many options Plastic Surgery offers, have those baby boomers to thank.

Janiga MDs is uniquely qualified to cater to Baby Boomers, and patients of every age.

Because Janiga MDs offers not only the skills and expertise of Dr. Timothy Janiga, a world class surgeon with impeccable credentials and unquestionable skill, but Dr. Jennifer Janiga as well, a Board-Certified Dermatologist with a sterling reputation all on her own, we are the right choice for individuals who seek proven solutions in the fight against the signs of aging.

Both of those disciplines come together in perfect harmony, serving as an extremely effective One-Two punch. If you would like to speak personally with Dr. Janiga, and discuss all the advantages Janiga MDs offers by combining both disciplines under one roof, please contact us right away. We look forward to meeting you.

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