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Customizing Your Mommy Makeover

Customizing Your Mommy Makeover

Despite the joy of having children, many women find that the toll pregnancy takes on their bodies isn’t nearly as exciting. Even with the best diet and exercise regimen, many women become frustrated with feeling like they’ve lost their figure and can’t seem to get it back. This is often because of stretched skin and tissue that won’t return to its previous state with only diet and exercise. In many cases, a surgical procedure is the best way to restore your body and your confidence— in fact, the mommy makeover is designed to address many different areas at once with one recovery period. Each mommy makeover is as unique as you are and can be customized to your body using a suite of specialized procedures that are optimized to restore the body after pregnancy. Here’s what to know about making your mommy makeover unique to you and your goals.

Breast Procedures

Most often, a mommy makeover includes a breast augmentation procedure to restore volume to the breasts which become deflated from breastfeeding. However, there are some other options that can suit your goals better if you don’t want to simply add volume. Many times, a breast lift can reshape and restore the breasts without implants if you’re happy with the size and volume of your existing breasts.

It can even be performed along with implants if stretched skin will prevent your augmentation from achieving your ideal shape. On the other hand, some postpartum women benefit from a breast reduction, sometimes with the help of a breast lift. In short, there’s no single way to transform the breasts during a mommy makeover, since each woman experiences different changes in their breasts. Whether you want them larger, smaller, lifted, or any number of other changes, you can customize it as part of your mommy makeover.

Body Procedures

Although your requirements for body procedures can depend on factors that are out of your control (like the skin itself bouncing back) one staple of the mommy makeover when it comes to the body is the tummy tuck. Most people know that skin is removed with a tummy tuck, but it is less well known that the underlying structures can be tightened also. Aside from a tummy tuck, many women opt for lift procedures like the arm lift or thigh lift, as well as different types of liposuction to reduce stubborn fatty pockets and tighten skin. You can also combine your mommy make over with a labiaplasty to rejuvenate the vaginal area after childbirth

Non-Surgical Procedures

Many women benefit from some non-surgical treatments whether in tandem with their mommy makeover or in place of it. In many cases, non-surgical treatments can augment your results or even benefit your goals if you’re between children and don’t want to compromise surgical results. Some great options include non-surgical fat reduction like CoolSculpting, as well as cellulite and skin tightening treatments like Body Fx and Forma. Additionally, professional skincare treatments with laser systems can be great for reducing acne or other skin conditions common after pregnancy. If you’re looking to boost your confidence and reduce signs of stress, injectable treatments can be a great option

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With the help of Dr. Timothy Janiga, your mommy makeover can fit your goals and needs with the best in surgical and non-surgical procedures. To begin discussing your options and planning the right mommy makeover for you, contact our Reno office by calling or filling out our online form.

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