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How to Lose a Double Chin Without Surgery

How to Lose a Double Chin Without Surgery

Whether you call it a double chin or neck wattle, the submental fat pad under your chin can be extremely difficult to get rid of. Traditionally, the best options were a neck lift, liposuction, or losing weight. However, one of the most game-changing treatment options on the market is Kybella®, an injectable treatment that can reduce fat under the chin without the need for incisions or downtime. Combined with some of our other non-surgical treatment options like CoolSculpting®, you can lose your double chin for the long term and enjoy a slimmer, more defined look.

What is Kybella®?

Shortly after its FDA-approval, Kybella was a hot topic because it promised to reduce the appearance of double chins across the nation without surgery. Allergan soon acquired Kybella, making it a part of the family of products that includes Juvéderm®, Botox®, and Latisse®. Here’s how it works: the deoxycholic acid in Kybella is the same component of the gallbladder that digests fat in the G.I. tract. When injected into the fat pad under the chin, it breaks up fat cells, ultimately causing the fat pad to shrink.

Once you’ve received your full course of Kybella injections, the fat cells are lysed (broken up), meaning they won’t return. This is great news for people who don’t like the profile of their neck or consider themselves to have a double chin. Because the procedure is nonsurgical, it can be performed in less than 30 minutes in our office.

How Much Does It Cost?

Your Kybella costs will depend on the size of the fat pad, how many treatments you need, and on your anatomy. On average injections cost approximately $600-$1,500  per session. The injections are placed about 1 centimeter apart, and the number of injections needed is based on the size of the fat pad. So, a larger double chin will come with a higher cost.

What About CoolSculpting®?

CoolSculpting® is another non-surgical double chin reduction option. It works by treating the underlying fat cells with cooling energy, causing them to crystalize and die off. Once treated, they’re gone permanently. CoolSculpting offers a specialized, molded applicator that can fit under the chin for precise treatment. It requires a few treatments, similar to Kybella. The best part is, CoolSculpting can be combined with  Kybella for a customized effective fat reduction.

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