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Double Chin? Kybella To The Rescue

Double Chin? Kybella To The Rescue

Isn’t it a wonderful surprise when something takes less time than you hoped it would? Like when your plane leaves on time and touches down 15 minutes early, which means more beach time for you. Or, how about when something just works the way it should? A lot of our patients are experiencing just that with Kybella, a 45-minute in-office procedure that dramatically reduces the appearance of a double chin. While the FDA suggests it could take up to six treatments to be effective, most people find Kybella banishes their dreaded neck wattle in as few as two or three treatments.

Here’s how this terrific new product works.

Recently introduced by Allergan, the same company that produces Botox, Juvéderm, and Voluma, Kybella is an injectable that takes enzymes from your own body called deoxycholic acid and breaks them down into a form that can be injected under your chin. The FDA-approved product is injected into your submental fat pad, where the enzyme breaks down fat cells. The result? Permanent removal of that pesky double chin.

Patients who undergo Kybella injections at Janiga MDs can expect a very short procedure – usually 45 minutes or less from start to finish. As with other injectables, you may experience some mild discomfort after the procedure, generally lasting around an hour. After that, expect bruising for up to a week and swelling for another week or so beyond that. Once the swelling is gone, voilà: No more double chin! If a second or third round is needed, we generally space treatments out, with two to three months between office visits.

In our experience, Kybella is truly a great noninvasive option for anyone looking for a more defined jawline. Not long ago, the standard approach was to use liposuction for double chins, but Kybella has changed the game, making it even quicker and easier to achieve your ideal look. Cost for Kybella treatment varies, but ranges from $600 to $1,200 per treatment and depends on the size of the fat pad. To discuss whether you’re a good candidate for Kybella, set up a free consultation with Dr. Jennifer Janiga today.