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Upper Body Plastic Surgery For Men For a More Masculine Look

Upper Body Plastic Surgery For Men For a More Masculine Look

Upper body contouring plastic surgery for men help men look more Masculine.

Recent articles and data from the American Society of Plastic Surgery report that plastic surgery for men are increasing. We too are seeing this trend, and we offer excellent options for men who might want to enhance their own masculinity. Procedures like Male Chest Contouring and Gynecomastia (male breast reduction), along with other upper body operations, can help men feel more comfortable with their bodies. Which can in turn help with their self esteem and sense of masculinity.

Take off your shirt, it’s hot out here.

Men who feel self conscious about the way they look in the upper body region, may tend to wear bulkier shirts and coats to disguise their shape. They probably won’t remove their shirts in public, for any reason. Reducing and defining through plastic surgery and liposuction allows a skilled plastic surgeon to remove excess tissue from around the male breast, and possibly tighten the skin, to reshape the pectoral area. The goal is to bring the upper body and chest area into alignment with the patient’s desired look, so they can feel more confident about their shape no matter what they’re wearing.

A more masculine, muscular, athletic appearance.

Some body types are such that no amount of push-up or pull-ups will give them the “beefy chest” look they want to achieve. The classic ectomorph, who can eat as much of whatever he likes and not get fat, will also find it very difficult to build muscle mass, particularly in the pectorals. Upper body plastic surgery can help these individuals achieve the more muscular contours they hope to develop.

Dr. Timothy Janiga is a highly respected plastic surgeon with impressive credentials, a host of academic achievements and almost a decade of experience helping people attain their desired outcomes. He invests himself into every patient, because he knows the journey will end in positive changes for you, both physically and psychologically. Contact us today at 775-398-4600 to schedule your initial consultation, so your can meet Dr. Janiga personally and discuss all the options that are available to you.

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