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Miss Your Body, Mom? Consider a Mommy Makeover!

Miss Your Body, Mom? Consider a Mommy Makeover!

What are Mommy Makeovers?

The mommy makeover (MMO) is a popular procedure performed by a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon in an operating room under general anesthesia. The ideal candidate is a female near her stable weight who is not planning to have more children.

Despite many women’s best efforts after pregnancy and nursing it is often difficult for a women to regain her pre-pregnancy body. This is because of a combination of factors, but some people’s skin just does not rebound as well as others, some women maintain extra skin or stretch marks on the abdomen and breasts, and sometimes the shape of the breast is just not the same as it was before pregnancy. Women that come to see me for a mommy makeover may have one or any combination of these factors.

What does this procedure cover?

The MMO addresses the two most commonly affected areas in pregnancy: the breasts and the tummy. It is a combination of a tummy tuck and a breast lift or breast augmentation. The tummy tuck removes excess skin and fat gained during pregnancy and can even tighten those abdominal muscles back up, if needed. Some or all of the stretch marks can usually be removed with this procedure as well. The breast procedure is almost always a breast lift, but some women prefer a breast augmentation in order to give them back the fullness and shape that they had prior to their pregnancy and/or breast feeding.

The mommy makeover is one of the most satisfying procedures in plastic surgery because it allows women to get back to their pre-pregnancy self and helps them regain their self-image so they can keep up with the new little person in their life.

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