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Mommy Makeover: Is it Right For You?

Mommy Makeover: Is it Right For You?

Becoming a mother is an extraordinary experience and you know there are many big changes coming your way. Not just changes in your everyday life, but changes in your body and Dr. Timothy Janiga offers the mommy makeover procedure to help women get their pre-baby body back.

Procedures to Fit Your Custom Needs

Pregnancy and childbirth impact each woman’s body differently. That is why the mommy makeover is a highly individualized surgery so that you can address your specific concerns. The mommy makeover is traditionally a breast and tummy procedure, but here at Janiga MDs we take that a step further and can offer an individualized surgery tailored just for you.

During a consultation appointment with Dr. Janiga, he will go over your specific concerns and goals to choose the best combination of procedures for you to ensure you feel great about your body once again. These include:

Are You a Good Candidate for a Mommy Makeover?

For any type of plastic surgery procedure, it is important to be in good overall health and at a stable body weight. Additionally, you should be done having children. The procedure does not reduce your ability to have children, but your abdomen and breasts will change again during another pregnancy and your results will be affected.

Another consideration is breastfeeding and lactation. You should wait at least 3-6 months after you are done breastfeeding before undergoing a mommy makeover. Lactation and hormonal changes cause changes in your breasts, so it is best to wait until your breast size and shape is stable.

Schedule Your Mommy Makeover Consultation

Dr. Timothy Janiga is a board-certified plastic surgeon with extensive experience in the mommy makeover procedure. He helps women to regain confidence in their bodies after childbirth. To learn more about the mommy makeover and how it could benefit you, contact our team at Janiga MDs. Dr. Janiga treats patients from in and around the Reno, Nevada area. To make a consultation, contact us by phone or by filling out our online form.

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