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The Best Ways to Improve Scars

The Best Ways to Improve Scars

Scars are a common part of things like surgery, injury, or certain skin conditions. If you have scars you don’t like the look of, it’s likely you’ve tried a few things to get rid of them. The fact is, factors like the wound’s size, depth, and location will determine which type of scarring occurs, along with age, genetics, and other skin characteristics like pigmentation or the amount of underlying fatty tissue. This means it can be difficult to achieve results for any given scar. Here are some of the best ways to improve the appearance of scars at Janiga MDs.

Sun Protection

One of the best ways to help scars heal and look their best is sunscreen and sun protection.  Sun exposure can darken and redden a scar and make it take longer to fade.  If you do nothing else for your scars, protecting them from sun exposure will help them look better faster.

Chemical Peels

Chemical peels are a quick and low-cost way to exfoliate scarring and jumpstart collagen production with a specialized chemical solution. Depending on your scar, you may only need a single treatment or a customized package of treatments. Chemical peels can address a variety of scar types as well.

Injectable Treatments

Acne scars are notorious for leaving behind depressions in the skin that don’t respond to most at-home methods. Injectables like dermal fillers can be an effective way to fill in these pitted scars by restoring volume to each area. Some fillers are FDA approved specifically for acne scarring like Bellafill.

Laser Treatments

There are a wide variety of lasers on the market that can address the many different aspects of scarring. While some  skincare and laser treatments can rejuvenate collagen like 3 For Me, resurfacing lasers and 3 For Me Refresh, IPL remains one of the most effective ways to address redness that comes with new scarring. Additionally, radiofrequency microneedling with Morpheus can remodel collagen and jumpstart a wound-healing response in the skin to revise existing scar tissue.

Scar Revision Surgery

In cases where you have a large surgical scar or scarring from a large wound, scar revision surgery can often help reduce its appearance. Using special techniques, an existing scar can sometimes be made less noticeable by concealing it within natural contours of the body or making it lesser in size. With the right aftercare steps, you can further reduce its appearance using certain silicone treatments, sun protection, and massage techniques.

Skincare Products

We offer physician-grade skincare products like Elta MD and SkinMedica®, with a selection of treatments and correctors that can address redness, discoloration, and texture. Dr. Janiga can help you develop the right at-home regimen for your goals – and it can even be used in tandem with in-office treatments to maintain your results.

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