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What Skin Care Routine is Best for You?

What Skin Care Routine is Best for You?

Having great skin means having a great skin care routine. We do our best to take care of our own unique type of skin, yet it can get overwhelming. Every day we are inundated on the television and at local stores with hundreds of different skin care products to try, and it can be difficult to know what truly is the best approach.

Most of us end up with a counter full of skin care products we hardly use – “fallen soldiers” we like to call them – and no clear ideas of which products work for our type of skin.


At Janiga MDs, we love to take the guesswork out of your skin care routine. Our Reno skin care experts share more than 30 years of dermatology experience, along with a passion to make your skin look amazing.

When you see us for a skin care consultation, we will help pinpoint exactly what type of skin you have, look at the products you already have, see which ones are right for you to continue to use, and supplement your skin care routine with products that we think you may be missing. You will walk out of our offices feeling confident you are doing exactly what you need to do to make your skin glow.

Make your appointment to visit Janiga MDs, empty your bathroom counter into a bag, and come on in so that we can help you tailor your skin care to what is best for your skin type and your goals.

Cheers to beautiful skin.

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