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What’s My Ideal Cup Size?

What’s My Ideal Cup Size?

I recently read a survey of women that reported that they thought that the ideal cup size for a woman’s breast is a C.  The reality is that cup size is part of a more comprehensive measurement which includes the circumference and the cup, called breast volume.

How do breast volume and cup size vary?

As the circumference around a woman’s chest changes so does the cup size, a 32D is actually very close to a 36B when it comes to actual breast volume.  Not to mention that variation exists between manufacturers, brand types, and styles of brassieres.

How do I know what cup size is ideal for me?

Most women who come in for breast augmentation consults have a ‘size’ in mind, but sometimes it is hard to put that into words, and cup size is not the only factor I consider. For these consultations, I am thrilled to have our 3-D imaging software, Vectra.  This software allows us to take real time images of the body and enlarge and reduce the breast in real time in proportion to your specific body.

How does Vectra help me?

With Vectra, women are able to take the image they have in their mind of how their body should appear and translate that to the picture on the screen. Often the letter they see on themselves in their mind does not match what they thought was their ideal cup size.  This process and software allow me to have a more exact idea of your expectations and goals for the outcome of the breast augmentation procedure.  Our goal with breast augmentation is to give you proportional and natural results that meet your mental body image and will increase your confidence and self esteem because your inner beauty will be reflected in the mirror.

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